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Bubba's Bar-B-Que - Frisco, Outer Banks Restaurant
This Business Is Reported As Closed By OBC Members
Hickory smoked pork, beef, turkey, chicken, ribs & fried chicken. Lunch & Dinner. MC, V. Open March - Nov. Also located in Avon next to Food Lion.

Rating: (read the reviews)
Website: www.bubbasbbq.com
Address: Hwy 12
Frisco, NC 27936
Phone: 252-995-5421
Email: info@bubbasbbq.com

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Visitor Reviews
Bubba's 5/21/2012
Caroline P. from Not Provided
We always loved the bread pudding-served warm with fresh whipped cream. The last time we were there the menu had changed-so disappointed! Bubba's was a must-do when we were there. Not anymore.
to the poster below someone was looking out for you when you found they were closed 5/6/2012
Alexy from frisco
utterly horrible food, service and filthy store. glad they are gone.
Bubbas DOA 8/16/2010
Anonymous from Somewhere in Cyberspace
Both locations are closed, although their website is still active. I drove 20 minutes to Avon for dinner,,,what a waste.
Bubbas DOA 8/16/2010
Anonymous from Somewhere in Cyberspace
Both locations are closed, although their website is still active. I drove 20 minutes to Avon for dinner,,,what a waste.
BBQ and Mexican. WTF. Won't be going back. 9/28/2009
JP from Lynchburg, VA
I'm a die hard bbq lover. Was heartily disappointed by this place. The food is MEH....and what is the deal with the Mexican menu? I got a side of plain tortilla chips with my pulled pork sandwich. I had no desire for them, so they got trashed. BBQ and Mexican do not go together. Even if it was just BBQ, I still wouldn't recommend it.
There's a location in Manteo now too. 6/8/2009
Anonymous from Somewhere in Cyberspace
One in Manteo too.
ADD ON TO BUBBA's how disappointing 5/6/2008
P&R from Somewhere in Cyberspace
Had to set the rating...didn't realize it defaults to 5 stars!!!!!
Bubba, how disappointing 5/6/2008
P&R from Damascus, Md
My husband & I took a drive down from Corolla as we had fond memories of the BBQ from years past...we were so disappointed. DON'T WASTE YOU GASOLINE TO TAKE A TRIP to FRISCO for Bubba's...it isn't worth it
Flick your BIC 10/8/2007
Jim H from Shenandoah Valley, VA
Burn a twenty, eat the ashes, you're better off. How does this place survive? The watery BBQ sauce dumped on almost anything they allege to be "BBQ" leaves a helluva lot to be desired. You'd think that all these bad reviews would cause them to rethink their setup, but no, the travesty continues - nuke a hot dog, you're better off.
NOT VERY GOOD 9/12/2007
pittguy25 from pittsburgh, PA
just bland and overpriced. wont go back
How is this place still in business? 6/29/2007
Sven from Forsyth County County,NC
Ok...$50 for...lousy ribs,frozen corn,dreadful cole slaw, inedible collard greens,microwaved mac n' cheese, a water,a soda,soggy salty fries and a Corona (should have had 10 of those)....this place BLOWS. Bubba's is dreadful.Instead,go to Food Lion next door and pick up a Hungry Man dinner.It tastes better, will save you $$ and will save you time.
I'd rather have a root canal than eat here again 6/29/2007
Heather from Winston-Salem
The highlight was when our son shook the vinegar and it splashed in his eye. (He was unharmed.) The big, lazy yellow lab under the table in the dining area was a nice touch. The food...in a word...disgustinglyunfitforhumanconsumption.
Breakfast needs help 5/31/2007
Fred from Newport News, VA
We ate at Bubba's twice over Memorial weekend. The dinner was great. Yes, it is a little expensive but, the quality of the meat is high. So very tender and smokey. On Sunday we had breakfast there and I wish I hadn't. We arrive about 10:15am got our in by 10:30am and we were finally served by 11:45am. There were people coming in getting lunch served to them before we got our breakfast. Several people who had payed before their food came just gave up and left. The kitchen was either very understaffed or wasn't used to the breakfast rush. Not something I want to do again!
This one sucks big time... 4/12/2007
Screw Bubbas from Centreville, VA
I would rather eat the poop from my dog then eat at bubbas again. Not only would it save me 20 dollars... but it would taste 100 percent better then this s*** hole....please...take your money and spend it on a place that is worth it! and if everything else is closed....please...consider the dog poop...or...cook at home....
no stars! 3/18/2007
T.L. from Statesboro, Ga
Totally surprised to see "Mexican" fare at Bubba's! It has been about 10 years since I was there last. As I remember, it was good and affordable for a family of 6. My boys liked seeing the Redskin memorabilia, which there is not much of anymore. I've had better and cheaper BBQ at Dairy Queen! Won't be stopping there again.
DON'T DO IT.... 3/7/2007
Norma from WNC
Save yourself the expense and being disappointed! It should be a crime the things they do to the pigs and chicken in the name of Bar-B-Que. I've had better bbq out of the grocer's freezer and alot cheaper! Onion rings weren't bad, though. The kids did get a couple of frisbees - most expensive ones I've ever bought!
Just ok 2/21/2007
OBXer from NJ
I've had better BBQ at home. I like the "killer onion rings" but they need to be a little spicier. The place is too pricey. I'm willing to spend the money for good quality, but they don't measure up.
No so good... 10/12/2006
Mary from Minersville, PA
I didn't care for it at all...yucky:(
Good chicken 6/10/2006
Bella from PA
The fried chicken was delicious. Not greasy and not dried out. Pleasantly surprised.
I only want to know one thing... 4/10/2005
Yankee from He** from Ohio
How the heck do these places stay in business?????
Bad News 4/10/2005
Rakbors from Columbus, OH
Really bad news. Trust us.. All these poor reviews aren't just smack, it's true!
fish_oinc 10/25/2004
Rick from Washington Va.
The driest chicken I ever had . The sauce wasn't bad and Iím glad there was some I couldnít have eaten it if there was none. The chicken is cook dry then the sauce was added after cooking not my way of having BBQ chicken. I give it a thumbs down on this one . Better off going to food lion and getting their rotisserie chicken.
Avoid Bubba's unless everything else is closed. 6/7/2004
Tim-OBX from Kill Devil Hills
I stopped here yesterday while riding through Avon. I have heard the ads and thought I would try it since I love pulled pork sandwiches. The meat was a little dry, tastless and they had two sauces available on the table. One was a vinegar sauce that you had to shake up a lot to get the stuff to mix up in the bottle and it leaks out when you shake it. The other sauce was Texas Pete. You would think that a BBQ place would have their own sauce for those who like a tomato based Texas sauce. The large sandwhich and a drink was $8.50. Not good. Tim-OBX
Don't believe the Hype 4/30/2004
Leon from USA
We were told how great Bubbas was. Well, maybe they were "back in the day", but our food was not very good. We were there Sept. 2003. The corn was soggy, the cornbread was dry, the BBQ was all fat, cold items were warm and the hot items were cold. Glad we had take out because eating that bad food in the sweltering diningroom would have been even worse. Would not return if they paid us to eat.
Dreadful 1/15/2004
Jimbo34 from Richmond VA and Hatteras Village
Used to go to the store in Frisco. Since Bubba went on, have not had a good meal since. Cross this one off.
The main reason we got started going there was.. 11/18/2003
Renee from WNC
..because my husband is the ultimate Redskin fan and Bubba had all the Redskin memorabilia. There are some cool things to look at in there (Frisco store) but I agree that the BBQ is not what it used to be.
Where's Bubba? 11/16/2003
Seadog from Ohio's north coast
Definitely agree with Rick. This place has steadily gone downhill with the quality of their food and uphill with their prices. We've just stopped going there.
Bar-B-Q??? 11/9/2003
Rick from PA
Since Bubba passed on this place went from a great BBQ to a slow fast food type place. They dont even BBQ anything. All they do is slice precooked meat and dump some sauce on it.
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