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Read Outer Banks blogs written by two long-time locals. Eve Turek is a local photographer and owner of the Yellowhouse Art Gallery in South Nags Head. Her blog features spectacular Outer Banks nature photography and articles. Rick Romano is an artist living in the Northern Outer Banks. His Sketch blog focuses on his art, which is heavily influenced by the beaches all around him. These are two Outer Banks blogs worth reading.

Outer Banks of North Carolina Blogs
Eve Turek's Natural Outer Banks Eve Turek's Natural Outer Banks... [more]

Rick Romano's Sketch Blog The Sketch Blog is rich in quick sketches, photos, drawings and paintings of the Northern Beaches past and present.... [more]

Uncle Jack's Weblog Uncle Jack lived in Nags Head for 35 years before he moved to Baltimore a couple of years ago. He still has a house in South Nags Head which he and Mrs. U.J. visit every chance they get.... [more]

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