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Friday, February 10, 2012
Christmas commission.
I'm still not sure what I really like using as a painting surface, canvas? heavy watercolor paper? Driftwood? I do know this, I can't seem to keep my driftwood originals long enough to make a decent art show out of them. Number one they all take time to construct before the first brushstroke is laid on it. I try to find the flattest piece of driftwood with the most interesting surface shape, never easy. When I decide to paint on sandfence slats they they too are pretty challenging as they get worn to the point of falling apart.
                            This particular original is made from sandfence and cedar, framed with sandfence capping, it came together pretty well and is hanging at a friends home in Carova Beach.

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5'x16'' Acrylic paint on cedar plank.

posted by rromano at 8:46 PM

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Sunday, January 29, 2012
Heavy artwork year ahead for me on Carova Beach.
My apologies for such a long delay in showing my newest works for 2012. Sometimes I wonder if a sketch blog is what I need to be spending precious production time on and then I realize there are people (so I'm told) that have a need to know the how's and why's I come up with this stuff.
                                                        First off, I am closing my warehouse doors in Va Beach later this year for a full time art production studio at my little cottage in Carova Beach. This is something that's not new to me but truly will be a fulfilled dream of mine. It's a little bit of a risk since these winter months along the 4x4 beaches can be rather quiet. Thank goodness for the internet which is fast becoming a better business tool for artists than ever before.
                                                        I've also secured wall space at a small coffee shop in Corolla "The Coffee Shack" which will showcase lots of my new smaller works on driftwood and Plein air canvases fresh from the beach. This little location is located next to Corolla Outback Adventures Horse Tour Co. and the Post office near Winks just before the hard road ends.
                                                 Plein air, as most know means (painting outdoors) which I will be doing all over the 4x4 beaches this summer. I won't be hard to spot so please come on over and say hi. In the meantime please have a look at some of what you'll see this summer............Rick Romano

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Picture 4

posted by rromano at 10:28 PM

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Monday, June 6, 2011
Plein Air
Plein Air is the French word for "painting outdoors". I'm not sure why these are the most widely used words pertaining to this fast growing segment of painting. I myself have always used (On Location) painting or (On the Spot) drawing. Either way it can be a very demanding and sometimes difficult but a totally satisfying painting exercise. On Maui each year they have an invitational Plein-air paint off reserved to the most accomplished outdoor painters in the country, it's quite a show watching a handful literally the best Plain air painters of the world in one spot.
                                   The Jones Lifesaving Station 8''x16'' was painted on location in the sand dunes of the 4x4 beaches. The little shack painting 9''x12'' was from my back yard in Carova Beach. Both were done with temps near 90 but I worked fast enough to get what I wanted before my paint pallet dried. I know after I've worked on a studio painting for a few hours I like to walk away from it & come back and finish later. With plain air, you finish rather quickly not using a large canvas. The results if you're successful can be very satisfying as you are capturing moments in color as you know it. Each painting will tend to be better than the last so each one becomes more valuable.

click for larger image
An afternoon of painting (On Location) .

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Picture 2

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Your everyday Carova Beach backyard.

posted by rromano at 10:17 PM

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Thursday, April 7, 2011
Cottage signage
Last week I was asked to repaint an odd cottage sign for a client in Carova Beach on a front yard bulkhead. Whenever I hear the word repaint or spiff-up or (please add this) I start to roll my eyes and figure a brand new sign job. In this particular case I was right again. The previous signage was painted by the owner and is called "Ocean's End". it was hand lettered on ground level which is no easy task. I first had to sand off the remaining faded lettering and apply new coats of stain. The winds picked up from the southwest in excess of 30-40 mph, add sand and you have impossible conditions to hand letter and paint a mural on any outside surface. To make a long story short, I did the work regardless and it came out looking pretty good.

click for larger image
This (little) cottage sits next to the Carova Beach Fire Station.

posted by rromano at 2:33 PM

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011
Landmarks on Rt.158
I've been traveling down Rt.158 to Cape Hatteras before I was able to drive meaning the dinosaurs were still alive at that time. The road was not too crowded and was 2 lanes the whole way from Chesapeake to the WMB. We didn't care, we were so excited to know the surf was always better than it was in Va Beach. It was like we were driving to another country. Like driving to the West Coast where the waves were always bigger.
Along the way the countryside was just what it is and we had no thoughts to the coming changes that we'd come to reflect upon like we do now. I wonder if today's kids realize the vanishing legacy of country living on this highway so close to the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal waterways.

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Picture 1

posted by rromano at 11:17 AM

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