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Great Vacation Giveaway 2009!

Enter the 5th OBX Connection Great Vacation Giveaway Sweepstakes, and you could be selected as the lucky winner of a free Outer Banks vacation in a beautiful oceanfront luxury condo, sponsored by our friends at Village Realty. Visit the Great Vacation Giveaway pages to learn all about the beach house and enter the contest. Good Luck!


What's New On The OBX Connection?
Book An Outer Banks Hotel Room: Did you know you can browse pictures, read reviews, check availability, get rates and even book an Outer Banks hotel room right on the OBX Connection? It's true! If you enjoy staying in one of the many fine hotels on the Outer Banks, check it out.
Outer Banks Chat: The new chat room is in place and seems to be working out nicely. The Tuesday night chats are still going strong with JimmyZ as the chatmaster. Drop on by and check it out for yourself.
Free Picture Resizing Software: The PowerShrinker is a free program used to resize large digital pictures to a suitable size for posting on the Internet. The program can shrink anywhere from one to one hundred pictures at once and produces high quality resized images. The program is free to all for personal use. Get the free picture resizer here.

Grab An OBC Sticker Before Your Trip!
Thousands of OBX Connection members have their official OBC stickes, but we still have a few left! High quality screen-printed vinyl stickers printed with UV resistant ink to resist fading. Stickers are 6" x 4" and the $5 price includes shipping.

To get your own OBC sticker via our secure shop, click here.

Forgot your OBC Message Board Password?
Hey, it happens to everyone. Now you don't have to email us and wait for a response. You can use the handy Password Retriever!

OBX Connection News
» Eve Turek is now blogging on the OBC.
The Yellowhouse Gallery owner and professional photographer, Eve Turek has joined the OBX Connection and started her own blog. Eve explores the natural wonders of the Outer Banks and documents the beauty with her words and photography in her new weblog. Her considerable talent behind the lens of her camera is only matched by her way with words. Come see the amazing world of the Outer Banks through Eve's eyes and prepare to be hooked.

» Picture of the Month Contest
The OBX Connection Picture of the Month Contest is going strong. Some incredible pictures have been entered into the POTM contest over the last two years. Even professional photographers like Scott Geib have contributed to the contest. Join the fun and enter one of your pictures in the contest today.

» Don't Miss The Excitement
Summertime is on the way! Don't forget to join your friends at the OBX Connection to catch up on all things Outer Banks. Come see the pictures, watch the webcams, read the blogs, review the restaurants, join the discussion and have some fun. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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