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The (44 hr.) Florida Getaway

The (44 hr.) Florida Getaway

Took the 8:00 AM Allegiant flight to Clearwater/ Tampa, and off and running.

Took the Courtney-Campbell Causeway to downtown Tampa. I could spend 3 days on the CC, with plenty of places to stop and fish or swim. Water along the causeway is absolutely beautiful. Then, downtown to the 22nd St. Causeway, the home of Versaggi Shrimp Co. Shrimp boats were in port (top left pic), and the shrimp looked great...got a big box to freeze once back at the hotel. Most of the boat crews were Portuguese. Swam the rest of the day, and got ready for the next morning.

Off to St. Pete area at 4:00 AM...checked out the beaches at sun-up and then on to Pass-a-Grille to go out on the head boat "Miss Pass-a-Grille" with Capt. Randy. Pass a Grille waterfront (top right pic) is a very scenic area.

The fishing was good, but the snapper were small (lower left pic). There were 3 keeper grouper caught, and 5 or 6 decent snapper, but they weren't on my line (oh, well). You can't go wrong cruising in the gulf with...ready? 1 ft. seas.

Capt. Randy's dog, Diesel (lower right pic), really took a liking to me. I thought "man, all of these people and cap's dog is hanging with me." Then I realized that Diesel was eating my bait. Again, oh, well.

Swam in the afternoon, got a good seafood dinner back in Clearwater, and called it an evening. Up at 4:00 AM in the morn to catch the 6:50 back to chilly Huntington, WV. The TSA agent at Tampa/Clearwater asked me what was in my cooler, and when he checked that it was frozen shrimp, said "enjoy". That made my day.

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RE: The (44 hr.) Florida Getaway

The amazing thing about this short trip was Capt. Randy. He's wild. He's a "real people person". This guy takes children, from a local orphanage, out to fish on his dime.

In fact, there are 4 orphanages within 150 miles of this beautiful area called Pass-A-Grille (couldn't believe it, so I looked it up...it's correct). This guy is going to take all the kids out to fish at least twice this summer because "they don't have anybody". So, every 2 weeks, for 1 day, he's buying the fuel, and getting volunteers to help. I hope to go back once this Summer to volunteer. I know how to cut bait (and I dang well know how to feed Diesel). Cap made the trip for me.

RE: The (44 hr.) Florida Getaway

A suicide run by air! Glad you had a good time. Capt. Randy sure does sound like a good guy.

RE: The (44 hr.) Florida Getaway

Looks like fun! I have a friend who goes to WI to fish for....maybe salmon? every year or so, it is a fast trip like that. They love it.

Maybe you should have brought that boat home...could have come in handy, depending on how close you are to the river.