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Dare County FREECYCLE group

Dare County FREECYCLE group

We are freecyclers!! Here in the Frederick,MD. area, there are town and county groups, and the one I help moderate posted about 3,000 posts (offers/wanteds) just in August. When we were in Hatteras, I asked about freecycle and it didn't seem to be as much interest in the concept. Seems to me, using freecycle means people who want/need exactly what you are getting rid of, is a smoother way to pass things on...rather than donate items to a group, that then sort and possibly sell at a later date. I know I just signed up for the Dare County freecycle group and when approved will post offers when we visit Hatteras throughout the year. With a rental home, it seems like freecycle would be a perfect way to help the local residents (ex. excess toys/books from kids area of home; dishes; outgrown clothing;etc.).......what do you all think?

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Freecycle is a great group if they are moderated properly! Excellent way to keep stuff out of landfills.

Freecycle is very active here in Pittsburgh. One mans trash.............

I also like freecycle. Was a member of it in Mooresville, and had to leave that one when I moved and am now a member of the one here in Jacksonville. (I'm not very active with it, but think it's a great thing).

I check it daily and get things frequently as well as get rid of thing I don't need . got a foos ball table over the week end :smiley40: