"Health & Wellness"

"Health & Wellness"

TargaDave's post in here got me thinking how if this forum was retitled "Health & Wellness" we might have more posts of interest. I have some eldercare questions on the horizon & would feel weird posting it in The Cafe or under "Diet & Fitness."

Just a thought. Happy Tuesday. :smiley16:

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Well, I'm all for it. Getting the Moderators attention to do it might be the challenge:laugh:

Good idea! You could pm one of the mods I case they miss it.

Ok, i will say something to Will after his trip. :smiley16:

I definitey agree with you. I have some stuff to post, too but wouldn't want to do it in the cafe.

when Will finishes transferring his squirrel army of servers we should bring this up. :banana:

Will's the go to man! Mods can't change stuff!! If we could I would have a forum just for shells:smiley40:

In the health and fitness vain (no sense in waiting): I just wanted to tout the benefits of Arnica Montana. It works really well in reducing the swelling (and related discomfort) and black and blue that occurs at an injury site. Give it a try!

RE: "Health & Wellness"

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