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Description: We passed this young man and his dog near Bodie Island in April this year. Then saw him again the next day on the north end of Ocracoke. They were on their way to Tenn. After a short chat, he started down the beach but had to turn back because of the restricted bird area. He had hoped to walk the shoreline but instead had to follow the highway. Sad.

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Name: Carolyn Posted: 8:26 PM on 6/17/2009

Love the photo mom - I wish I could remember the young man's name. I think he said he was going to post his travels in a blog. He has a 'real' dog - who carries his own water and some supplies.

Name: summertime Posted: 5:02 PM on 6/17/2009

Love this photo!

Name: Renee Posted: 8:36 AM on 6/17/2009

Great shot! What a joy to have such a copmpanion.