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Description: Photo taken several years ago at the old lighthouse location, Buxton.

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Name: Carolyn Posted: 12:39 PM on 8/24/2009

my favorite :)

Name: jeff p. Posted: 8:46 PM on 8/12/2009

very nice pic

Name: Sue Posted: 5:46 PM on 8/9/2009

This is a very unique photo and well thought out! Love all the colors & how Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is centered perfectly in the hole. Very nice job!

Name: Laur1e Posted: 6:43 PM on 8/8/2009

Cool idea and photo. Nice!

Name: Charles Posted: 1:28 PM on 8/6/2009

I like this. The rust reminds me of a color pallet ready for the artist to add life to the circular canvas of the lighthouse.

Name: Trish Posted: 6:38 PM on 8/5/2009

Very cool photo! Love it!