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Description: My 2 English Setters (Lucy and Frank) and Sandy the Golden Retriever on the wing with Orville.

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Name: mbgirl Posted: 5:41 AM on 12/31/2009

Very creative . . . Kara would never sit that still :)

Name: Woodduck Posted: 9:54 PM on 12/30/2009

You got my vote!

Name: Carolyn Posted: 8:22 PM on 12/19/2009

three beautiful dogs - a beautiful moment.

Name: Fore Decs Posted: 7:47 PM on 12/15/2009


Name: summertime Posted: 7:22 AM on 12/15/2009

What a great photo!!

Name: obxlex Posted: 7:18 AM on 12/15/2009

I love it! Wish my two goldens would sit that still! lol

Name: Pelican Deb Posted: 4:19 PM on 12/13/2009

They are so cute! What good puppies...

Name: justbeachy Posted: 11:58 AM on 12/13/2009

...now that is good and different....made me smile