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Description: Picture of me and my dad walking down the beach back in the early seventies.

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Name: Jill Posted: 1:04 AM on 9/26/2006

Yep Roadhog, it sure does! (He's my dad ya'll know :-))

Name: Roadhog Posted: 9:15 PM on 9/24/2006

Wow, that brings back good memories!

Name: Colleen Posted: 6:28 PM on 9/24/2006

Great picture!

Name: Coolwindsobx Posted: 1:40 PM on 9/23/2006

a TRUE Black&White photo! Great shot.

Name: Obxnutz18067 Posted: 3:13 PM on 9/13/2006

The 70's when there only the Beach Road, a slower time on the island. Memories that are more important to you now than you ever thought they be!

Name: Ree Posted: 9:19 PM on 9/11/2006

This picture is awesome! What a treasure of a pic you have there! Thank you for sharing!
~ Ree~

Name: Jill Posted: 1:25 PM on 9/11/2006

We were probably around Nags Head...we've always stuck around that area.

Name: Sarah Posted: 10:58 AM on 9/11/2006

Love the old OBX pictures. What beach was it?