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Description: untouched beach in the morn

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Name: Lisapenn Posted: 11:51 AM on 8/25/2007

Maybe we should do a --first place-- second place and runner up just this time!
Beautiful picture!

Name: Sue Posted: 4:16 PM on 8/14/2007

I agree with Renee ~ a lot of goregous photos this month.

Name: Renee Posted: 8:04 PM on 8/13/2007

Another beauty..dang this month is going to be hard!

Name: pelcndeb Posted: 10:26 PM on 8/12/2007

Love the perspective on this one...great shot!

Name: NCWEST Posted: 5:28 PM on 8/11/2007

Nice picture I wish I was there to pick up those shells!

Name: joan Posted: 10:42 AM on 8/4/2007

taken from a great angle, and I love the way the sand glistens