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Description: Picture was taken the week of September 3rd, 2007. I thought it would be neat to see what the lighthouse looked like viewed through a hole in a weatherbeaten piling near the old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse location.

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Name: salvo Posted: 8:43 AM on 9/28/2007

There are so many things about this picture that make me come back and look again and again. If I wasn't absolutley sure Mr. MM was NOT on Hatteras on the date given, I would have thouht it was one of his! Love the rust "detail"...the colors are fabulous! And the framing of the LH is just about perfect...this is a real winner and I love your point of view!

Name: Guest Posted: 4:31 PM on 9/10/2007

I just cropped the photo to remove the date at the bottom. :)

Name: SandieToes Posted: 3:37 PM on 9/10/2007

Now, THAT'S very cool!! Nice. Only need to remove the date and you have a terrific photo!