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Description: I was going to the Hatteras Light to take pictures and on my way there I came upon this bird. It was like he was waiting for me to take his picture.

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Name: milepost21 Posted: 5:47 PM on 2/24/2008

great pic!

Name: milepost32 Posted: 5:45 PM on 2/24/2008

great pic!

Name: nickjuly Posted: 6:54 PM on 2/15/2008

Love the deep background color. It really makes him show up nicely.

Name: Ree Posted: 4:39 PM on 2/9/2008

What a beautiful creature!

Name: Milepsot21 Posted: 3:02 PM on 2/9/2008

Love this one Darlin'!!

Name: Sara Posted: 2:45 PM on 2/9/2008

This is a great shot.

Name: Mac Posted: 6:20 PM on 2/8/2008

Karma, maybe?

Whatever, I really like your entry!
Job well done...happy trails.

Name: Erin Posted: 11:43 PM on 2/7/2008

Wow! Beautiful shot!