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Description: My husbands footprint and my little girls footprints in the sand on the beach at Ocracoke.

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Name: StephVA Posted: 9:04 PM on 7/19/2008

Great shot and a treasured memory. Love the 3D look.

Name: racey3 Posted: 8:16 PM on 7/17/2008

Was that created, after water washed over it?

Name: Racey3 Posted: 8:15 PM on 7/17/2008

Wow, beautiful shot!

Name: Sue Posted: 11:22 AM on 7/7/2008

Excellent! Sure would like to know how you did that!

Name: guest Posted: 7:48 PM on 7/5/2008

How were these footprints made? They are raised in the sand, as if made from a mold....?

Name: Bess Posted: 3:30 PM on 7/3/2008

Wow, looks like they are coming up not sinking in. Very odd and different picture.

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 6:28 AM on 7/3/2008

So simple yet so beautiful.