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Description: 13 week old Josie waiting on a Dune crossover in South Nags Head

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Name: flip-flops Posted: 11:08 PM on 7/28/2008

oh my gosh what a cute baby

Name: JennyK Posted: 6:09 PM on 7/28/2008

What a doll.

Name: OhioAnn Posted: 10:46 PM on 7/26/2008

Gorgeous picture and puppy!

Name: Cathy Posted: 10:10 PM on 7/26/2008

Wow, this pup is adorable - I said Awwww out loud when I saw this picture - LOVE IT!!!

Name: obxcrew Posted: 7:41 AM on 7/26/2008

You can just read her mind by her face. "Oh boy here they come, here they come, where's the ball, where's the ball?" lol

Name: StephVA Posted: 9:02 PM on 7/19/2008

Looks like a great little buddy. I'm sure she has already grown up since this shot was taken. Love those big paws.

Name: flip-flops Posted: 3:12 PM on 7/18/2008

Oh My that is such a beautiful baby

Name: Buckeye Mom Posted: 12:16 PM on 7/18/2008

How cute!

Name: Jay Posted: 9:35 AM on 7/18/2008

Wow, that looks just like our little pup Bella. She is half yellow lab and half Golden Retriever. Beautiful, beautiful pup you got there!! :)

Name: macklinda Posted: 8:10 AM on 7/9/2008

Love it! Such a sweet puppy. Love the colors in this photo.

Name: Tricia Posted: 8:41 PM on 7/7/2008

Cute photo!!!

Name: Sue Posted: 11:19 AM on 7/7/2008

Great picture of an adorable pup!