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Description: We stopped to play one day on our way to work on Hatteras Island!

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Name: leslie-md. Posted: 9:32 PM on 2/25/2009

Love it!!!! Something fun to remember! So, who went first?!!!!

Name: Donna Posted: 3:48 PM on 2/25/2009

Me Toooo

Name: Ray Posted: 1:53 PM on 2/25/2009

I wish I had a job like yours!

Name: Gail Posted: 12:35 PM on 2/24/2009

Love this island and love these ladies!!

Name: H Ange Posted: 12:33 PM on 2/24/2009

This is a perk of the job!!

Name: GLO Posted: 3:38 PM on 2/23/2009

Just another perk for livin' & workin' on a salty piece of land! LUV IT!

Name: carold Posted: 10:08 AM on 2/23/2009

Nice way to start the day!!! :)

Name: Sheller Posted: 12:24 PM on 2/21/2009

What fun....never grow up.