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Description: On the lookout for a tasty morsel.

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Name: Rob Posted: 9:12 PM on 3/19/2009

You have a very good eye seeing that shot!

Name: Claire Posted: 8:48 AM on 3/6/2009

This shot is great!

Name: Cheryl Posted: 9:25 PM on 3/5/2009

This bird is so cute that I just want to squeeze him. Way to capture EVERYTHING:)!

Name: twodoitedphotogs Posted: 4:23 PM on 3/5/2009

I love the way the blue paint catches the blue highlights in the bird's feathers...this is a striking shot!!

Name: crissee Posted: 9:16 AM on 3/5/2009

the contrast of color is great... black and blue pop out of background! Nice shot!