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Description: Deer at the lighthouse.

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Name: Patti Posted: 7:48 AM on 3/27/2009

What are the odds of catching something sooooo unique!

Name: Miriam Posted: 2:09 PM on 3/26/2009

Right place, right time! Great job, Beth.

Name: Mary & Terry Forrest Posted: 1:40 PM on 3/26/2009

Perfect picture - should be the winner!

Name: Sheryl Posted: 10:20 AM on 3/26/2009

Great pic Beth!

Name: Debbie Posted: 10:46 PM on 3/25/2009

Great pic Beth. It pays to always have that camera with you! Hope you win.

Name: Stephen Yochim Posted: 10:31 PM on 3/25/2009

Great Shot Beth

Name: Deanna Posted: 8:46 PM on 3/25/2009

Nature at its finest! Love the pic!

Name: Merch Posted: 7:24 PM on 3/25/2009

What a great shot, it's awesome!! Continue the great work.

Name: Sue Bedner Posted: 5:20 PM on 3/25/2009

I like the picture of the deer and the lighthouse!! Very cool

Name: Christopher Bedner Posted: 5:14 PM on 3/25/2009

Awesome Beth!!!!!!!!!

Name: Erin Glover Posted: 1:38 PM on 3/25/2009

The deer looks like he is posing for the picture. He is in just the right spot in front of the lighthouse! Beautiful.

Name: mustang Posted: 1:15 PM on 3/25/2009

Awesome picture!

Name: Warren Posted: 10:15 AM on 3/25/2009

Excellent capture of Gods creation! Good eye for content!

Name: PA Sue Posted: 7:10 PM on 3/18/2009

Great picture! I love it.

Name: summertime Posted: 11:41 AM on 3/18/2009

Beautiful capture!