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Description: Taken in July 2005. Hope the weather is good to us this year:)

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Name: knumbers Posted: 12:08 PM on 7/30/2006

impressive looking clouds

Name: Lisa Posted: 1:37 AM on 7/28/2006

Wow! Looks like you could reach up and touch that cloud. Gret shot.

Name: Ree Posted: 6:06 PM on 7/21/2006

Ominous looking shot! I love this pic...i love storms!
Great shot!
~ Ree~

Name: Bess Posted: 2:19 PM on 7/14/2006

That is one scary, awesome shot.

Name: ColleenNJ Posted: 2:13 PM on 7/14/2006

Very cool shot. Looks like a blanket of clouds.

Name: Will Posted: 8:25 AM on 7/14/2006

That's a cool picture of an ominous looking strorm font. It looks like something out of war of the worlds.