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Description: Watched a wicked storm from our deck in Duck, and managed to catch this bolt coming out of some eerie clouds.

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Name: Erik Posted: 8:58 PM on 7/30/2009

To Gwen...I promise no photoshop here. It was a long exposure with a ND filter. Took about an hour of failed attempts to finally get the shot I was hoping for.

Name: Gwen Posted: 3:23 PM on 7/30/2009

I learned a technique in photoshop, it gives the illusion of real lightning, looks just like this....great photo regardless of how this image came about.

Name: joeyk49 Posted: 2:44 PM on 7/27/2009

Nice grab! I like the composition. The color saturation is interesting too.

Name: Katie Posted: 8:29 AM on 7/25/2009

Wow! We are looking forward to a good storm like this!

Name: not needed! Posted: 7:53 PM on 7/14/2009

how did you do it?! i feel bad for the duck.
-------- a moment of silence--------

Name: Sue Posted: 6:14 PM on 7/10/2009

Incredible shot ~ I love it!

Name: summertime Posted: 2:53 PM on 7/7/2009

Wow!!! Love it!

Name: Sheller Posted: 12:21 PM on 7/7/2009

Oh, my... how could you not love this one? Absolutely awesome.