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Member: kgjr

Description: While watching the sunrise at Carova, these horses met on the beach.

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Name: Leslie-md. Posted: 6:53 PM on 8/27/2009


Name: Barbara Posted: 5:22 PM on 8/27/2009

What a wonderful, impressive photo!!! Awesome!!!!

Name: Marilyn Posted: 10:23 AM on 8/27/2009

This is amazing!! Best picture by far...incredible!

Name: Sue Posted: 4:31 PM on 8/24/2009

This is incredible ~ what a gift to have seen it AND get the photo!

Name: Nick Posted: 8:52 PM on 8/22/2009

Fantastic picture. I wish I could have been as lucky to had the opportunity to get a shot like this. Congrats!

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 5:21 PM on 8/20/2009

WOW!!!! This is a beautiful picture.

Name: Sheller Posted: 11:09 PM on 8/18/2009

What a picture-perfect pose. Great shot.

Name: Carolyn Posted: 8:14 PM on 8/18/2009

Wow! ...what a moment you had there...

Name: Summer Posted: 8:53 PM on 8/17/2009

These beautiful horses are a sight to behold to say the least. They are one of many reasons for staying in Carova.
Wonderful picture thanks for sharing.