OBX Connection's Picture of the Month - Contest Entry

Title: Hey dogs believe in Santa too !!!


Description: The beach on the outer Banks

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Name: Woodduck Posted: 10:16 PM on 12/30/2009

NICE! Santa's helper...

Name: ObxBride Posted: 3:44 PM on 12/30/2009

LOVE this picture!

Name: Bill Posted: 8:21 AM on 12/30/2009

As an owner of 3 Boston's how can you not pick this?

Name: mrsshroyer Posted: 6:30 PM on 12/15/2009

How could you not love this picture ....lol

Name: summertime Posted: 7:21 AM on 12/15/2009

Love it!

Name: obxlex Posted: 7:17 AM on 12/15/2009

How cute!