OBX Connection's Picture of the Month - Contest Entry

Title: Calmness After The Storm


Description: A beautiful morning after a night of storms. Photo taken at Salvo in the Fall of 2009.

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Name: Alice in Md Posted: 10:40 PM on 10/27/2010

This is an amazing photograph! Simply awesome!

Name: obxgirlwannabe Posted: 2:16 PM on 10/26/2010

Wowser.....love the colors.

Name: Rob Posted: 9:39 AM on 10/26/2010

The color! Amazing.

Name: Sheller Posted: 11:08 AM on 10/15/2010

Very unusual....water reflection is great. I like it.

Name: Leslie-Md. Posted: 7:24 PM on 10/13/2010

Beautiful colors, beautiful reflection. Great pic.