OBX Connection's Picture of the Month - Contest Entry

Title: Sky Blue


Description: Early Morning in Nags Head last year. This is the reason I want to roll out of bed early, even on vacation!

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Name: NagsHeadGuy Posted: 9:08 PM on 10/15/2006

A sight worth waking up for! Great shot.

Name: conlee Posted: 8:57 AM on 10/9/2006

very nice

Name: Jenn Posted: 11:17 AM on 10/3/2006

Wow. Love the clouds.

Name: Di Posted: 11:09 PM on 10/2/2006

Gorgeous color!

Name: tasteysandwich Posted: 4:12 PM on 10/2/2006

That looks like it's from "Dune South"