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Description: New Years Eve 2004

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Name: obxwannabeinwnc Posted: 9:04 PM on 10/29/2006

In a word - breathtaking! This is an absolutely gorgeous shot!! Surely it's a winner! Which bridge is this?

Name: Randy Posted: 11:50 AM on 10/27/2006

That shot is amazing! The best overall effect and contrast that I've seen this month!

Name: Dee Posted: 12:25 PM on 10/10/2006

This has got to be the winner this month! Beautiful...

Name: Cindy Posted: 1:33 PM on 10/6/2006

Incredible shot!

Name: OBX Hub Posted: 12:53 PM on 10/6/2006

This picture is amazing. The colors and clouds add the perfect effects.