OBX Connection's Picture of the Month - Contest Entry

Title: Track in the sand


Description: Nags Head March 2006

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Name: gallo Posted: 10:59 AM on 7/31/2006

great idea behind the shot!

Name: obxgrlinva Posted: 6:51 AM on 7/29/2006

I love this picture!

Name: obx4me Posted: 8:14 PM on 7/26/2006

Awesome photo...I would buy this if it were hanging in a gallery.

Name: Anot Posted: 7:17 PM on 7/21/2006

I would hang this in my home!

Name: Coolwindsobx Posted: 12:34 PM on 7/18/2006

Manto I wish you had posted this earlier!!!!! What a terrific shot! Just beautiful:)