OBX Connection's Picture of the Month - Contest Entry

Title: Hurricane Sunset


Description: Carova - Sunset after Hurricane Alex

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Name: Kathy Posted: 6:52 PM on 7/21/2006

Awesome shot!

Name: Marie Hempsey Posted: 6:03 PM on 7/21/2006

MAN! That color is amazing...you captured a GREAT shot! I love storms and the before, during and after sky pics! Great job!
~ Ree~

Name: BridgetNJ Posted: 4:47 PM on 7/20/2006

I LOVE this one

Name: flip-flops Posted: 12:05 PM on 7/20/2006

your picutre is breath taking, Wow

Name: Jeff Posted: 10:16 PM on 7/19/2006

The coolest cloud picture evar!