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Description: This picture was take on the beach at Kill Devil Hill as the sun came up. The colors are the true colors of the sunrise with a slight enhancement to define the layers;done in Epson photo factory. The truth is you do not need a lot of enhancements to take beautiful pictures pictures on the OBX. As this picture shows the sun rises are as spectacular at the sun sets

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Name: salvo Posted: 1:20 PM on 7/19/2007

The total saturation of color just blows me away. I also love the jolt of yellow! I think this would be a great photo with or without the enhancement.

Name: Mary Posted: 10:07 AM on 7/15/2007

Just looking at this picture reminds me how much I miss the banks when I have to come back home to PA.

Name: Gina Posted: 4:12 PM on 7/10/2007

Absolutely beautiful picture!

Name: Guest Posted: 1:31 PM on 7/10/2007

Absolutely true, we all know enhancements aren't necessary..especially with good photos, but it is this month's theme.

Good photo!

Name: Guest Posted: 11:29 AM on 7/10/2007

Lovely photo, beautiful sunrise! I admired it on the photographers forum!! What is the digital enhancement you did to it?