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Description: Just perfect!

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Name: Lisapenn Posted: 11:50 AM on 8/25/2007

Makes me wish I were sitting right there.
If I were you I'd enlarge a copy of this one and hang it on a wall. Nice work!

Name: StephVA Posted: 6:31 PM on 8/24/2007

Perfect shot of the wave curling with the crystal clear water.

How are we ever going to decide who to vote for?

Name: flip-flops Posted: 10:53 PM on 8/19/2007

"beauty" the perfect title for this picutre

Name: Sue Posted: 3:26 PM on 8/16/2007

Beautiful ~ too bad there's not sound!

Name: NCWEST Posted: 1:44 AM on 8/16/2007

Great pic. and keeping with the theme...Getting my vote so far.

Name: Summer Posted: 5:01 PM on 8/15/2007

Great Shot!!

Name: Erin Posted: 12:54 AM on 8/15/2007

very pretty, nice shot

Name: Sandie Posted: 11:00 PM on 8/14/2007