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PowerShrinker - Free Picture Shrinker Program

 OBC Terms of Service
The PowerShrinker is a free program used to resize large digital pictures to a suitable size for posting on the Internet. The program can shrink anywhere from one to one hundred pictures at once and produces high quality resized images. The program is free to all for personal use. System Requirements, detailed usage instructions and FAQs can be found below:

> Windows XP or Vista
> At least 500 Mb RAM
> NET Framework 1.1 This is usually pre-installed on XP & Vista. If you do not have it, you can download it here.

1. Terms of Services (TOS): Read the PowerShrinker Terms of Service, and click the "I agree to the Terms of Service" checkbox to enable the Download button.
2. Download PowerShrinker: Click the Download button to save the free PowerShrinker.zip file to your computer. My Documents is a good location to save the file. Right-click on the zip file and extract the PowerShrinker.EXE file.
3. Make A Shortcut: Right-click on the PowerShrinker.EXE file, and click Send To -> Desktop from the manu that pops up. This will add a shortcut to the PowerShrinker file to your desktop.
4. Run PowerShrinker: Double-click on your new PowerShrinker icon on your desktop to start the application. You will see the application pictured below (without the orange boxes).
5. Picture Size: Set the Longest Dimension field ( Figure A in screenshot) to the size you want the pictures to be shrunk to. This value defaults to 600 pixels which is a good size for Internet pictures.
6. Thumbnail Option: If you want a thumbnail of each picture, in addition to the resized image, check the Make Thumbnails box (Figure B in screenshot).
7. Select The Picture(s): The final step is to select the picture(s) you want to shrink. Click the "Browse For Pictures" button (Figure C in screenshot) which will open a browse dialog box. Locate the picture(s) you want to shrink - hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) on your keyboard to select multiple files. Once you have selected all the pictures you want resized, click the Open button on the browse dialog. This will start the resizing process!
8. You're Done: As soon as you see in the message box that the resizing process is complete, you may use your resized pictures to post on the Internet or email. They will be located in the same directory as the original pictures and will have an "_rs" added to the end of the file name.

Q: How much does the picture shrinker cost?
A: It is free. The PowerShrinker program is completely free for personal use.
Q: Can I shrink multiple pictures at once?
A: Yes. The PowerShrinker allows you to select multiple pictures at once. You can select every picture in a directory, if desired.
Q: Will my original pictures be overwritten or changed by the resizing process?
A: No. The PowerShrinker saves copies of the original and does not alter the original files in any way. The resized pictures will have a "_rs" appended to the end of the file name to avoid overwriting the originals.
Q: Can I use this program to rotate or otherwise edit my digital pictures?
A: No. The PowerShrinker only has the ability to resize digital pictures and optionally create thumbnails of each resized image.
Q: What is the image quality of the resized pictures?
A: Excellent. The PowerShrinker program uses a high quality bicubic algorithm to resize images.
Q: Does the shrinking process alter the proportions of the picture?
A: No. The aspect ratio of the original image is maintained through the resizing process.
Q: Does the PowerShrinker work on the Mac OS?
A: No. At this time, there is no version compatible with the Mac OS.
Q: I get an error when I start PowerShrinker. What's the problem?
A: Here are some things to check. Make sure your computer meets all of the requirements listed in the System Requirements section. Make sure you have the .NET Framework 1.1 (or higher) installed by following the instructions here. IF you do not have the .NET Framework installed, download it here and install it.

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