Outer Banks Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hatteras, Outer Banks
86.0 F, Fair
Wind: Variable at 4.6 MPH (4 KT)

OBX Connection Quick Feature Tour


The OBX Vacation Resource is a listing of Outer Banks businesses for you to use while planning your vacation. It contains useful contact info like the business name, address, phone numbers, web site and email address where available. The sample screen below shows an typical example of the useful information available in the OBX Vacation Resource:

Many of the businesses in the OBX Vacation Resource have been independantly reviewed by OBX Connection visitors. These ratings can be a great help in planning your vacation. Find out what restaurants or rental companies best suit your needs. The reviews are very helpful and can help when researching your trip.


The Message Board is a fun place to meet Outer Banks locals and enthusiasts like yourself. Many friendly people from around the country frequent the message board and are happy to answer your questions and chat about the Outer Banks. The sample screen below shows a typical example of the Message Board:

Questions? Contact us: info@obxconnection.com

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