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Italian Wedding Soup

Author: Sal
Date Posted: 3/11/2008
Spicy: No

Ingredients List

Chicken stock
ground chicken or turkey
bread crumbs
Romano cheese
1 egg
1 small onion
Dried basil, oregano, parsley
1 block of spinach (thawed)
Small soup pasta (acine di pepe)

Preparation Instructions

I cook kind of like my Mother and Grandmother (both from Sicily). NO RECIPES!! Okay here we go.. I make a batch of little meatballs. I like to use turkey or chicken burger for my Italian wedding soup meatballs (about a pound and a half). I mix it with 1 egg, about a cup and a half of parmesan and pecorino romano, about a cup of bread crumbs, a small finely diced onion, a sprinkle of dry oregano and dry basil and about a cup or so of chopped parsley. You may need to adjust for consistency. I then roll the little meatballs (a time consuming labor of love). In a soup pot (about 6-8 quart size) add about a quart and a half to 2 quarts of chicken stock. Add two stalks of celery and 2 carrots (diced). Bring to a boil and let simmer until the carrot and celery have softened. Add a block of chopped spinach (thawed) and the little meatballs and a cup of any small pasta for soup (I like to use acine di pepe or orzo). Simmer for about 20 minutes. Take pot off the stove and let the soup sit for about 15 minutes before eating to assure the pasta is actuall done cooking. Dish out a big bowl and sprinkle some parmesan or pecorino. Pour youself a glass of pino grigio and enjoy. Like I said, I dont have a recipe this is what I beleive all measurements would be if I actually messured everthing.

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