Author: MikeW
Date Posted: 7/11/2005
Spicy: No

Ingredients List

1 dozen lemons
1 lime
1 liter 100 proof vodka
simple syrup
additional vodka or spring water

Preparation Instructions

zest the lemons and lime, I use a Microplane grater, place the zest in a non-reactive container{glass or plastic} pour the 100 proof vodka ove and let sit for two weeks. After two weeks strain the mixture thru cheesecloth or coffee filter and squeeze the zest dry and discard the zest.
Make the syrup, two cups sugar two cups water, bring it to a light boil to melt the sugar and cool
Mix the lemon infused vodka, the syrup and up to another bottle of regular 80 proof vodka. Adjust to taste with more syrup or spring water.
Pour into bottles and keep in freezer, it will slush up but not freeze. A wonderful digestif.

Recipe Background

Classic Italian after dinner drink. This is better then the stuff for sale, thought the Villa Massa brand is not bad. If you have been to Italy will not be the same as Italian lemons are different.