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Nags Head Causeway
Nags Head, NC 27959


Welcome to the Lone Cedar whare we serve only the freshest locally caught seafood, Certified Angus beef and favorite recipes from Dare County folks.

We have our own fish cleaning facility where we clean freshly caught fish. This way we can be certain that we serve our seafood at its best. In season, our soft crabs are shedded locally and cleaned daily here at the restaurant by our own employees. We also serve only green tail shrimp which are caught in the pamilco Sound. Many of our recipes vary with the season based on the availability of such items as sweet potatoes, collards, cucumbers, squash, etc

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Rating: Great for Weddings! 3/24/2020
Reviewer: BanksBride2019

Basnight's Lone Cedar hosted our Reception Dinner for a group of about 30 people last August (2019). Throughout the entire planning process the staff was always available to answer any questions. Our food was great and the view from our private room was spectacular. I would definitely recommend Basnight's to any other Outer Banks Brides, families, or couples looking for an evening date location. We will be sure to come back during our next OBX vacation.

Rating: Wonderful Dinner and View 5/19/2019
Reviewer: Jstangl

Had some delicious Fried Green Tomatoes with goat cheese and pepper jelly followed by Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Sweet Potato Fries. My wife had some excellent Prime Rib with a Baked Potato. Saw Ricky and Lucy tending three eggs in their nest right outside the window.

Rating: Another Excellent Visit 5/16/2016
Reviewer: Jstangl

We ate here last night - we shared an appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes with Goat Cheese and Pepper Jelly - very tasty. My wife had the Pan Seared Dolphin with Blueberry Salsa and I had the Fried Soft Crabs with Glazed Jalapenos and Sweet Potatoes - both meals were very enjoyable.

Rating: So So 12/20/2015
Reviewer: cjd

There is really nothing bad about Lone Cedar, but there isn't much to rave about either. It is noisy inside and the food tends towards the southern fried. That being said, it is scrupulously clean inside and the portions are huge. I guess i was just looking for a more upscale experience.

Rating: Recomended by a local and we were not disappointed 5/16/2015
Reviewer: pghbghr

Went this past week on the recommendation of a local and enjoyed our meals. My wife did the flounder and I did the blackened drum special. Both quality meals, fresh ingredients, excellent service made it a great experience. I would like to try this restaurant when all the areas fresh vegatables are in season based upon what we had and saw, I bet it would have been even more incredible.

Rating: First Time Visit 5/20/2014
Reviewer: Jstangl

We ate here Sunday for the first time and were not disappointed. My wife had the Fried Shrimp (14 nice shrimp) and I had a cup of the She Crab Bisque and the Shrimp and Grits.

The waiter (Tres) suggested that I get the smaller order of Shrimp and Grits because I had the bisque and it was a great suggestion!

The She Crab Bisque was probably the best I've ever had - huge chunks of crab and the entrees were excellent as well.

We will be going back!

Rating: best thing going on the outer banks 7/19/2012
Reviewer: seafed

I used to have 3 or 4 favorite restaurants and I would visit each one a few times each visit- restaurants that I loved and was very loyal too and would think about all year in between my visits. But then I went to Basnight's. This place is fantastic! Their crab soup will make your mouth water just thinking about it. The crab stuffed shrimp is my favorite entree. The corn bread, desserts, and side dishes are always wonderful too. The service has always been extremely good. So now I moved here and I live in Kitty Hawk- I still have a hard time getting myself to go to one of my other old favorites. This definitely blew those places out of the water. The fact that it has a nice view is a wonderful bonus.

Rating: ...don't go here for steak's.... 5/16/2012
Reviewer: vanative

....read the below comments....but really i would not go here for seafood...your choice though.....

Rating: It is a Seafood Resturant! 5/16/2012
Reviewer: Sand Fiddler

Saw some one complaining about their steak. They are correct but as Marc Basnight once told me, don't order steak at a seafood resturant. I have followed his advice. The way to enjoy Basnight's is to order seafood which is fresh. If you want fresh NC shrimp, crabs etc Basnight's is a good place to go. Nothing special about the rest of the menu except the Sunday Turkey dinner which is a bargin. The Sweet Potato crunch and the fried green tomatos are good also. My wife loves it so we went to the Mothers Day buffet and I ate mostly seafood.

Rating: Don't bother with this place 4/25/2012
Reviewer: obxwanderer

This place is downright awful. Service is slow, I could have gotten better food at McDonalds.

The service is horrendous and they did not seem to care for as long as we waited. Stay away from this place at all costs.

Rating: Tried twice 10/5/2010
Reviewer: George

We have been twice. Both times we left without eating. Very loud, and slow.

Rating: Allways good 8/13/2010
Reviewer: Nick

One of our favorite places to eat in OBX.

Rating: Never again 2/7/2010
Reviewer: DM Garcia

My mother always said "if you can't say something good, don't say anything at all." The view from this restaurant is great.

Rating: Good Seafood, BAD steak 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

Sure everyone loves this place...at least the seafood eaters. They however do not know how to make a steak and after attending this establishment twice and sending back the steak 4 times...I have decided never to return. They do not know how to cook them or season them and quite honestly I prefer Applebees at 1/4 the price.

Rating: nothing special 10/24/2009
Reviewer: roadwrench

this place is OVER RATED.

Rating: nothing special 10/24/2009
Reviewer: roadwrench

this place is OVER RATED.

Rating: Good food; expensive; mediocre servive 10/24/2009
Reviewer: Bigdog

I think the new place has no atmosphere, but the food is still very good, although very pricey.

The last time we were there, however, it was all ruined by the worst service I have ever gotten anywhere. They were slow, they walked by and ignored us, brought things helter skelter so one of us had nothing in front of them while others had their meals sitting there getting cold while waiting for our friend's meal to arrive. For the same price you can go to Owen's and have good food and good service in a real Banks atmosphere.

Rating: pretty good..great sweet tea and crabcakes 9/28/2009
Reviewer: marky

stopped for the 1st time this summer...great crabcakes..loved their sweat tea

Rating: Food Good, Service Slow 9/27/2009
Reviewer: Leon

Food was good, but very pricey, the service was slow even though they were not busy. My father had to send the $27 steak back as it was not cooked as requested. Portions are larger. The herb and vegetable garden was impressive and so was the view. I doubt that we will go back unless it is just my wife and I when we have lots of time to kill. They have an automatic gratuity for larger parties.

Rating: Bad experience 9/26/2009
Reviewer: Nancy Heinzel

When the owner yells at the wait staff within earshot of the customers, it doesn't make you want to go back. That was very upsetting for us.

Rating: worst ever 9/12/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

My Husband and I have been going to the Outer banks for 22 years for vacation. I have never had as bad of a restaurant experience as this one. We were seated right away which was the only good thing about our experience, i ordered a corona, first of all i was brought a glass of white wine instead and then no apology for the mistake and when i asked for a glass for my beer the waitress rolled her eyes in disgust. I blew the attitude off and ordered a 2 bowls of french onion soup for $6.99 each, when it came it was barely warm and the waitress was in such a rush to get her other food, i decided to eat it, it tasted like onion water, we got up and got our check and left. and will never go back

Rating: A 'miss' the second time around... 6/7/2009
Reviewer: Sam

The recreation of the Lone Cedar after it was destroyed by fire seems to have been intended to house more patrons at the expense of the ambience. There is a large, almost cafeteria-style great room that is tightly packed with tables, resulting in a pretty noisy experience. The service was never completely top notch before the fire, and it didn't really improve when I went afterwards, either. The food may be great (and in my mind it is), but it's countered by the lack of comfortable (save maybe in the entry area), intimate dining.

Rating: Best seafood in NC, a foreign visitor's review 5/2/2008
Reviewer: PJ

I am not a local. I am not an American but I love the seafood there.
I came from a place with a lot of seafood and seafood is used to be my everyday dinning. I have stayed in USA for 2 years and I think Basnight is the best seafood restaurant in NC in terms of quality of food. Its service and atmosphere may not be the best but if you are looking for really fresh seafood, it is the place. Oh, BTW, i think it has the best money-to-value in Outer Bank area as well.

Rating: Love it! 3/23/2008
Reviewer: Seasentinel

I have been going here since 1997 and have never had a bad meal...ever. They used to have a carrot raisin salad that I loved but when I went there the next year for my birthday they no longer carried. I told them it was my birthday and they made it special for me and went out of their way to make the rest of the lunch outstanding. I've never had bad service here either. I always go there at least twice a year.

Rating: worse Valentine's ever 2/16/2008
Reviewer: Natalia Goninan

My husband has lived on the OBX for 20 years, and I've been here for 3. So we've both heard about excellent reputation of this place, plus we've been there several times before it reopened last year, and we liked it. That's why we picked Lone Cedar for Valentines Day. Our reservation was for 8pm, we arrived @ 7.45. There was a HUGE line of people with reservations!!! It took them 1,5 hours just to seat us... Than it took the waitress 20 minutes just to bring our drinks... There was about 10 entrees on the menu, 7 of which were seafood (my husband doesn't eat seafood). One was chicken w/mushrooms (he is allergic to mushrooms), one - pork, and one - prime rib. They were out of pork and prime rib!!! So he ended up with a plate of pasta w/shrimp, which he doesn't even like. They were advertising the band that we could listen to while eating, but we were seated so far we couldn't even hear them. The room where we were was poorly decorated, had just rows of tables, awful bright light and too many people. Service was even worse, my husband got a refill of his drink only when we were getting ready to leave, and by the time I got butter and sour cream for baked potato I was done with the rest of the food. We didn't get out till 10.45 and were very upset. I'm really disappointed with this dining experience and our ruined Valentine's Day. You will probably guess that we have no desire for coming back to this place ever again, and I will never recommend this restaurant to anybody. D-

Rating: bassnights lone cedar 10/26/2007
Reviewer: robert wolverton

we ate supper there in sep 07 after the fire service and food was outstanding. matter of fact the sen came to our table and talked to us. that was beat.

Rating: It's open again...and it's gorgeous! 10/1/2007
Reviewer: Harold

Better than ever!

Rating: Better than it was, we thought 9/24/2007
Reviewer: obx4me

We have never really raved about Lone Cedar. The last time we were there, service was agonizingly slow (and it was not during prime season) and while the food was very good, but it was nothing outstanding. We ate there again this past week and must say the service was very much improved and the food was delicious. Not particularly innovative, but excellent, fresh seafood.

Rating: OBX Lover 7/26/2007
Reviewer: Pamela Jamerson

Food is great, never disappointed!!! Hope you a great grand reopening!!

Rating: OBX Lover 7/26/2007
Reviewer: Pamela Jamerson

Food is great, never disappointed!!! Hope you a great gran reopening!!

Rating: This is a must! 7/2/2007
Reviewer: Melody

We eat here as much as possible. The food is amazing and consistent. The new restaurant will be open soon and we cannot wait to go again.

Rating: Condolences on your loss 5/4/2007
Reviewer: Yogi Paliotti

I too was a victim of a fire that destroyed my Family Restaurant so I know how it feels and what you are going through.Good luck with the rebuilding and I will drop by when you open back!

Rating: Missed Opportunity 5/2/2007
Reviewer: Johhny D

Well we have always wanted to go to Basnight's and were planning on going this summer but now we'll have to wait til the new Lone Cedar is rebuilt. Best wishes on a fast recovery!

Rating: Great food and folks 3/15/2007
Reviewer: Reid & Marilyn

Always worth the drive from Hatteras. Good atmosphere, service and food. Love tjhhe fish cakes.

Rating: Great Food at a Great Price 11/30/2006
Reviewer: sloan

Have visited the OBX since 1988..Lone Cedar has always provided outstanding food at a reasonable price in a casual setting. Never experienced the problems Allison in SC relates, maybe she should take a bath. Have eaten at the place about 20 times and take out over 50. We are non local property owners who rely on this place as a great place to go. By the way, where is this place located, yeah, right on the waterfront..sometimes it smells great...sometimes it doesn't..but Lone Cedar cannot control Mother Nature

Rating: Always fresh seafood 8/5/2006
Reviewer: Pet Doctor

Broiled flounder was excellent. Always good food at a reasonable price.

Rating: smells 7/15/2006
Reviewer: allison

I placed a review here yesterday, this place smells like old flood water, food is greasy. Now I know not to believe some of these ratings because mine has disappeared. Sometimes you wonder who is writing these good things about some of these places.

Rating: Good! 6/12/2006
Reviewer: A

Food was delicious. Entrees can easily be shared ($2 charge). Only down side was the service - but I think it was just our waitress. Highly recommend.

Rating: Simply the BEST 5/2/2006
Reviewer: Gail

BEST prices, portions, service, selection & atmosphere. The fried soft crabs, corn bread & key lime pie are out of this world!

Rating: Overrated 7/12/2005
Reviewer: vanative

Highly overrated. Food was acceptable but nothing special. I have had better seafood and better service in many other obx restaurants.

Rating: Always good.... 7/4/2005
Reviewer: DeeNC

Great food, great service, wonderful views.

Rating: Not Stovetop 4/15/2005
Reviewer: Firecracker

This place Rocks it to the max. I like the TURKEY LUNCH. Man, that dressing is hot!

Rating: My new favorite place 4/6/2005
Reviewer: jesse

great food, large portions, excellent service. I you want fresh local seafood this is the place.

Rating: A Favorite 11/22/2004
Reviewer: Vi

We always stop here for a great meal.

Rating: Always worth a visit here! 10/26/2004
Reviewer: Tim

Good food, good prices and always a good meal. This place rates as a favorite of the locals too.

Rating: NEVER A BAD MEAL 8/16/2004
Reviewer: Sarah

We eat here every year! The food is always fresh and delicious. Alligator Pasta and crabcakes are two of my faves!

Rating: Great Food 4/23/2004
Reviewer: Tonya of Beach Waves Too

This restaurant is one of the best on the beach. They give you so much food. It is awsome.

Rating: Great food and atmosphere 1/14/2004
Reviewer: Lisa

This is a fun restaurant. They have a wide variety on their menu. The view is great and service always good