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1219 South Croatan Highway
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27949

At Bob's Grill in the Outer Banks of North Carolina the theme is Eat and get the Hell out! Great food does not have to take forever. We serve great American food, quick and delicious. We have a limited breakfast menu all day, along with Great Prime Rib and Fresh Outer Banks Seafood specials. It's not fast food, its great food quick.
We are now a non smoking restaurant but Bob put some benches and ashtrays outside if you can't wait. Be sure to look at our photo gallery and check out Bob's Wear, give us a call and we will ship it to you.

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Rating: Favorite Breakfast place 10/30/2017
Reviewer: jdoc822

Great food and great service! A must have when we visit here.

Rating: Consistently Good 8/21/2016
Reviewer: Kelleybean88

We always stop at Bob's for brunch after checking out. Their menu is diverse and always has something for everyone. I always get the same thing every time we go and I've never had an issue.

Rating: Great breakfast 7/10/2012
Reviewer: Meaghen

We love Bobs for a quick delicious breakfast. Service is fast and friendly. Bob and Jennifer keep the restaurant running smoothly. We eat at Bobs every time that we visit the OBX.

Rating: Have to pass. 5/16/2012
Reviewer: Sand Fiddler

Found Bob's to be over priced, food was too greasy and not to tasty. Used to be better. If you like to pig out on greasy food it is the place to go.

Rating: Great Service 6/9/2011
Reviewer: Jake

My family ate at Bob's Grill at night and our server was Joe. He was the best server we had ever had on the OBX. We will definitely eat at Bob's again!

Rating: Bobs blows 7/30/2010
Reviewer: Billy

Bobs was so gross. By far one of the worst a you can eat at obx.bad food. They rush you to go home. It's also dirty. Do not go to bobs.

Rating: Bobs blows 7/30/2010
Reviewer: Billy

Bobs was so gross. By far one of the worst a you can eat at obx.bad food. They rush you to go home. It's also dirty. Do not go to bobs.

Rating: go to Duck Donuts instead. 7/26/2010
Reviewer: John

very disappointed in this place. nothing really stands out about the food except the portions are huges, which is usually a plus, but the pancakes had no wow factor. They were pretty bland, not fluffy.. We went to Duck Donuts the next day and were so much happier. The 2 ladies that run this place were so kind and the donuts were so yummy melt in your mouth goodness.

Rating: No thanks. I'll pass this one on by next time... 7/25/2010
Reviewer: April

We ate here, omelet and hotcakes. We told server we wanted to share each with our kids. She said, okay... and brought extra plates. The food was all right, nothing special. I could make better at the hotel with a frying pan and a box of pancake mix, eggs, a little water.

Our server was very nice. We had no problems until the check arrived. We were charged a "plate fee" of $4. This was for sharing, I assumed but we were not informed of this in advance. We were totally blindsided. I went and approached the server, Toni.. who was very sweet. I let her know we were surprised by the charge and was it on the menu. She said yes. So, I opened the menu and asked her to show me... she could not find it anywhere, nor could I afeter looking all over the menu. So, she said to tell the cashier,... which led to a big guy in the back, who I am assuming (which seems to be what you are saposed to do around here- assume everything without being informed by anyone) that he was the manager of the restaurant. He yelled something in my direction from the kitchen, I wasn't sure he was talking to me. Whatever happened to southern hospitality? Guess we're too far north for that... A warm greeting, a "hello, ma'am, I am so and so the manager... how can I help you?" I told him I couldn't understand what he was trying to say... so he came over closer and said "All of my friends charge $5, so I am pretty good...." Not sure what that meant... but I do know after his rude yelling, I will not be back and will tell everyone I know to steer clear!! Wow, what an awful experience. He reminded me to be kind and make others feel more important than I. Life's way too short to yell at customers.

Rating: Excellent Breakfast 5/6/2010
Reviewer: JPritch

We enjoyed a great breakfast at Bob's. Monster sized pancakes and omelets, and they let us order anything off their we also got fried oysters for breakfast! We'll definitely be coming back....but don't forget, EAT AND GET THE HELL OUT!

Rating: BETTER THAN BUFFETS 11/30/2009
Reviewer: M. Tumblison

Our family ate at Bob's this past summer. We originally went to the Dune's but were disappointed with the new menu. The service and food were better than expected. When ordering an "all you can eat" special, we didn't hve to wait 15 minutes for the second serving. We have some very finicky eaters, but they all found something they enjoyed from Bob's menu. The dessert was also great. We enjoyed talking with Bob as he made his rounds of the tables. We will definitely be returning. We felt that we got a good value meal without spending a fortune. He is very family friendly.

Rating: Outstanding! 11/5/2009
Reviewer: Donna & Pete

Always a sure bet that you will get a fresh, hot off the grill "BIG" breakfast. The omelets and pancakes hang off the plate. Can't beat the daily lunch specials, especially the oyster platter on Friday. Comes with two sides, hush puppies and a beverage at a very reasonable price. We'll be back even tho Bob wants us to Eat and get the Hell OUT!