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621 Irvin Garrish Hwy
Ocracoke, NC 27960

Creekside Cafe is Open Daily from 8:00am until late. Breakfast, lunch and evening meals are available. Along with an assortment of Imported and domestic beer, we have an assortment of champagne drinks and a full Cocktail bar.

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Rating: Try the blackened dishes 8/27/2011
Reviewer: J Conrad

My family has been eating at the Creekside Cafe since the days when it was located over the Slushy Stand, overlooking Silver Lake (miss those days!). The highlights of the menu in my opinion have always been the blackened dishes - especially the chicken and shrimp. I do think that the overall quality of the food has declined slightly in recent years, and the portions are not huge (although fairly in-line with other values among island restaurants), but I still think the Creekside is well worth a visit if you know what to order.

They also started offering breakfast for the first time this summer, and while decent, I don't think it yet rivals the Pony Island in terms of quality or value. Nevertheless, I'm interested to see how things improve as they tweak their breakfast menu.

Rating: Okay 10/7/2010
Reviewer: Vicky

We went to Creekside instead of Howards where we usually go because we wanted to sit outside with our small dog. We brough a water bottle and bowl for our dog and the waiter pointed to the no outside drinks sign. I explained it was for my dog, not me, he insisted we put the bottle away and he would get water, okay problem solved. Table was dirty but no big deal it was middle of day between lunch and dinner on a week day.

Asked about suggestions for best things on menu. We were told to try the happy hour shrimp, burgers and french dip.

Orderd two burgers, shrimp($5), french dip and steamed clams. That and two ice teas and one beer came to $65.

No problem except the clams were like rubber the shrimp were tiny, though reasonably tasty, the burgers about as good as maybe Wendys. The french dip was okay, not large portion not anything special.

We wished we had gone to Howards instead or Jolly Roger, or any where else, we were spoiled though, we had great meals most of our vacation.

Date of visit Sept. 2010

Rating: Good crab and pie. 2/1/2010
Reviewer: Thinker

Ate here for lunch. Had the crab sandwich, Fantastic. Key Lime pie was the best we had on our vacation.