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MP 9, Beach Road
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948


At Dirty Dick's Crab House, we are all about fun -- the only serious thing here is our food -- we make ALL soups, dressings, sauces and just about everything in-house daily. Check out our Menu for mouth-watering items served at each location and our Carry-Out Menu to take home some Dirty Dicks for take out. Please call ahead for large orders.

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Rating: Ok for crab legs... nothing else 11/6/2014
Reviewer: Avon Lady

Crab legs were OK.. rest of the meal was not good at all. Very pricy as well.

Rating: More atmosphere than good food 2/25/2014
Reviewer: MongOBX

Went there with a large group, the did well to accommodate us, but the food does not reflect the prices. Its a good place to get appetizers, but not a full blown meal. Save your money and dine locally.

Rating: Dirty! 4/2/2013
Reviewer: localboy1300

I ate at one of the Dirty Dicks years ago with my family and thought the restaurant was dirty. Well... while visiting the Outer Banks this weekend, and not much being open this time of the year, we tried it again. I guess it's just Dirty Dicks, while having dinner the waitress killed a roach on the wall at the table beside us, laughing about how quick they are. I took my son to use the bathroom, oh boy! The only toilet that didn't have free range turds floating around was covered with puke. Completely disgusted, I took my son outside to pee, and guess what? One of the wait staff was standing between two cars taking a leak himself, I guess the bathroom was to disgusting for him as well. High prices, filthy conditions and goofy employees...DON'T GO!

Rating: Was not impressed... 3/16/2013
Reviewer: virtual

Our experience was that we found it pricey and not particularly good, especially given the price. Not a bad selection of brews at the bar though so it's not all bad. If you decide to go, I hope you fare better.

Rating: Don't waste your time 5/6/2012
Reviewer: Alexy

If you want to eat seafood that came off a US foods truck frozen and then poorly prepared please eat here. If you want fresh local seafood prepared right go anywhere else but here.... Flat out tourist trap living off a name

Rating: YUCK! 4/26/2012
Reviewer: obxwanderer

I am surprised that this place even gets a 2 star rating. Most of the food I've tried (we tried 3 times) there was terrible. All the food tastes like it's was frozen, even freezer burnt. I will not be back, and it does not matter whether they have a clever slogan or not.

Oh and their new location sucks, totally stupid to put it where they did in the middle of the food kitty parking lot.

Rating: Horrible! 9/27/2010
Reviewer: Anonymous

Gave Dirty Dick's a second chance this past vacation after eating there last time and having the worst plate of flavorless chicken etouffe in history. The she crab soup was watery with hardly any crab. Can't imagine how you can mess up cream of crab soup but they did. The onion loaf appetizer was basically onionless which we all found pretty amazing. The fried oysters were undercooked as were the scallops on one of our party's seafood kabobs. Had to send three plates of food back which were basically inedible. Felt horrible for the poor waitress as I imagine this happens a lot. Tried two different locations at two different times of year and both times food was either raw or just plain disgusting. Avoid it if you want a good quality meal. I'd also add that the atomosphere since they remolded was less than appealing. Would have been more satisfied eating a can of speghettios on my ocean front deck.

Rating: Impressed... 6/13/2010
Reviewer: J. McClane

Ate @ DD's for the 2nd time, and I was impressed. I was skeptical at first, as my visit to the Hatteras Village location (Near the Ferry) last year was just so-so. I had eaten the steamed spiced shrimp and they were just so-so...seemed over seasoned. My wife had the popcorn shrimp and the portion was huge, and top notch though.
This year, we visited the location in KDH and I was very impressed. My wife had the same popcorn shrimp, but I had the steamed giant shrimp, and wow, they were fantastic. Served with corn on the cob and red potatoes, the meal was worth every penny I paid for it, and it still wasn't near as expensive as a lot of places in the OBX...$47 with tax included for 2 of us.
Either way, I left full, and satisfied, and felt our food was worth what we paid, and I'd go eat it again tomorrow night if I could. Give it a try...

Rating: Excellent crab cakes! 6/13/2010
Reviewer: Stephanie

Their crab cake sandwich is HUGE and I've never had a bad one here! Free hush puppies as an appetizer to every meal and a great selection on a huge menu. We go every year at least once, if not twice!

Rating: Ew 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

Ew Ew Ew. Frozen seafood, horrible service, all around bad experience every time

Rating: I wouldn't go again 10/23/2009
Reviewer: don't want enemies

The Jumbo lump crab meat came to me as that fine gray crab meat.

Rating: We Can Take It or Leave It 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Junebug

We've stopped in on a weeknight and had the buffet. Lots of good food for a decent price. We've also ordered off the regular menu. It was also very good, but very overpriced. I think they rely too heavily on clever marketing. They need to focus more on the food and less on the T-shirts.

Rating: DDCH Review 9/28/2009
Reviewer: steveo270

I enjoyed the food and atmosphere. We go every year. The softshell crabs, crab legs, and lobster dishes are all great!

Rating: Horrible Place 4/19/2009
Reviewer: DeJean

Went there because freind wanted to go because of the name and wanted a T-Shirt. The food was plain and no taste after I had to argue with the waiter that I had recieved the wrong food. To beat it all the entire place seemed to float in their loafers. I will never set foot in that place ever again. Great name, thats it.

Rating: Keep Your Crabs 9/25/2008
Reviewer: Anonymous

Just not good. Over rated, over hyped, over priced, and over cooked! There were 7 of us in our party, and not one of us would return to Dirty Dicks. The food just wasn't up to par. Get the t-shirt for a laugh....but don't eat there!

Rating: OK - if all you want to taste is the spices! 10/8/2007
Reviewer: Jim H

Tried it twice, KDH & Avon. I like to know (read - taste) the food I've paid for, not just the HEAVY seasoning. In both places, the shrimp was overdone and rubbery - a damn sure sign that the kitchen crew hasn't a clue, especially in a seafood restaurant. Go there and buy a smarmy T-shirt, skip the chow!

Rating: GOOD BUT A TAD HIGH PRICED 9/12/2007
Reviewer: pittguy25

will go again just not so much because of the price. food was very good though. that was the avon location

Rating: Buy the t-shirt, not the food! 8/27/2007
Reviewer: jenn

We visited DD's on three seprate occasions and it had gotten worse each time. The wait was long, the food was over priced, the service was extremely slow, and the food was mediocre. The last visit half of my meal was rancid. When I brought it to the attention of my waitress she just smiled and asked me if I wanted it wrapped to take home. The manager never came to hear my concern when requested and the bill was not altered. In addition when the ingrediants were questioned before ordering, we were assured of the products used. Later that evening my husband had an allergic reaction to something in this dinner. Thank GOD for the epi-pen. The only thing I would spend the money on would be a t-shirt. You can get a much better meal at Bubba BBQ down Hwy 12.

Rating: Over rated 8/13/2007
Reviewer: jeepers

Give high marks for advertising and marketing the business. The prices are way out of line, extremely expensive for their menu. Food is decent though, but not worth the wait and price when there are many other options available on OBX.

Rating: DDs in Avon 7/27/2007
Reviewer: Jon (OBXerInBama)

DDs is a family tradition of ours. We eat there only once every year. We only go once, not because of the food, but the price$$$. The food has always been top notch. We got the big boat sampler thing that comes with like 40 broiled/seasoned shrimp, 2 dancing shrimp (ENORMOUS!), almost 2 dozen steamed clams, and crab legs. My wife gets the lobster and scallop shish-ka-bob. The food was great, but the bill afterwards was over $100!!! That's for my wife, my son, and me! WOW! This is why we go every year, but only once. This way, both your stomach and your wallet will thank you!

Rating: Not worth the hype 7/10/2007
Reviewer: Jen N

Ate here two years ago in 2005 with a large group. We had to wait a long time to be seated and we had an equally long wait for the food. Overpriced for what you get, unless you like the goofy atmosphere I would say it isn't worth it. Save your $$ and eat at a good seafood restuarant like Mako Mikes or Goombays. They are a little pricier but WAY worth it.

Rating: Family Tradition 3/6/2007
Reviewer: Colleen

Every year when we arrive at the OBX our first stop is DD's for our traditional late lunch before going to our rental. I have never had a problem with the food. Maybe I am always buzzed before my food comes but we always look forward to eating there as soon as we arrive. I will say it is not cheap to eat there but than again...I'M ON VACATON...and what a way to start it off. First day there is always the BIG DAY! So splurge and enjoy like we do.

Rating: Fun atmosphere, food marginal 2/21/2007
Reviewer: OBXer

I don't think they should refer to themselves as a crab house. I know the play on the name is fun, but the food wasn't worth the price. I had the crablegs and they were dry. Didn't leave the place feeling satisfied. Haven't been back since.

Rating: Decent but PRICEY 7/27/2006
Reviewer: Patrick

We felt obligated to go the much advertised Dirty Dicks the first night in town. I liked the atmosphere. Nice bar upon entry. We had two rounds while we waited. They have music going, with TV's on. The staff seemed very friendly. The food was pretty good. Was it worth the money?... I'm not sure. Be prepared to spend $100 for a family of four, one of which is a child. Two of us had the Norfolk crab for about $23/plate, and another crab cakes for $21. The crab Norfolk was good. I'd give 4 out of 5 stars. The cakes were not as good as what you would get up in Baltimore. They had filler in them. I would have expected pure crab for the price and for the location (cakes get 3 out of 5 stars). Don't get me wrong, they were good, but not great. To improve the rating I would suggest either more reasonable prices, or improve the food slightly. They make enough off of the gift shop and beverage prices. (5$ for a pint).

Rating: Horrible and Overpriced 7/11/2006
Reviewer: PaulP

I notice that all of the good reviews are from several years ago. After going here last week, I understand why! My wife had what was described as Jumbo stuffed shrimp. What she got was 5 shrimp of the 30 - 35 size, each with a small dab of Indonesian Blue Swimmer meat (NOT local blue crab) meat on top of a large bowl of Penne pasta. I had the Crab Norfolk, which is simply lumps of crab meat broiled in butter. As easy as this is to prepare, they overcooked it so it was dried out.

With one draft beer, one iced tea and tac, this mess came to almost $60. I don't mind paying for good food, but this price was outrageous for bad food.

To cap it all off, I'm virtually certain that our waiter was stoned. When we talked to him it was like he wasn't really there.

To sum up, horrible food, bad service and prices equal to good restaurants in the area. STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!

Rating: Gross! 7/10/2006
Reviewer: Kimb

If you like fried seafood this is the place to go. I was not impressed. I enjoy the taste of seafood, not fried batter.

Rating: YUCK 5/25/2006
Reviewer: RAIN


Rating: If you like fried seafood, this is the place. 5/21/2006
Reviewer: Kaydee

This is a fun place to go. We had the buffalo tuna bites as an appetizer and they were really good. The fried scallops were good and the stuffed shrimp over pasta had a very good sauce. The service was quick and friendly.

Rating: Dinner 4/7/2006
Reviewer: Anonymous

Ate here once and we did not care much for it. The service was horrid, but still glad we tried it and we bought their T shirts

Rating: on the mark again 10/9/2005
Reviewer: hutchens

Just got back from vacation & Dirty Dick's hit the mark again. Lots of food for $$. Had the sampler plate with pretty much everything! Great!!!!

Rating: tasted good to me 7/3/2005
Reviewer: Christy

Last fall we went to Dirty Dick's. I had the fried catfish & I couldn't believe I had so much left over! Plate was running over and when I said "That's it or I'm gonna be sick" it looked like I hardly touched anything!!

Rating: average 4/6/2005
Reviewer: jesse

The kids love it for the name. The food can be hit or miss. the prices are extremely high. It is hard for me to believe people are willing to pay 30+ dollars for a dozen crabs. There are to many good seafoood restuarants to try than eat here.

Rating: Not as good as it use to be 10/26/2004
Reviewer: Mary-Ohio

We've been going to Dicks for years and as much as I hate to admit it, we've been less than satisfied the last couple of times. Portions are smaller and the quality of the meals just isn't the same. Maybe we just need to skip a year, or go back to their carry-out, and it will seem better to us. Hope so.

Rating: It's OK at best 10/26/2004
Reviewer: Tim

There are many places on the OBX to eat steamed seafood, this is just one of many. The kids will like it because the tables are covered with paper and they can draw on it while waiting for the food. The crablegs can be good or they can be overcooked and rubbery - you never know for sure, but it is usually pretty good and worth a visit.

Rating: Excellent -MUST eat here! 4/23/2004
Reviewer: Beth

My family ate here while on vacation on the outer banks and it ended up being one of our favorites. We are coming back for more this summer! Their grilled oysters are out of this world and they REALLY cater to children. Don't miss Dirty Dicks!

Rating: Everyone needs to eat here while on the OBX, atleast once!! 1/11/2004
Reviewer: Sara Jennings

At first my family and I were reluctant to eat here, with the children - not sure what to expect.... it was incredible! Our first visit was for lunch, talk about huge portions! They have a wide variety, for the kids too! The kids meals were big enough for an adult to eat and they had several extra added bonuses! (frisbee, icecream, cup) We decided to go back for dinner - a long wait - 2 hours! It only makes sense because the food is so good. We enjoyed sitting at bar while we waitd. On top of it all our service was excellent!! Michelle (our server) was very attentive, knowledgeable, and great with the kids - she even wrote her name on the table - they all do so you don't forget. Oh ya... don't forget to mention it's your birthday! They have a very interesting way of singing to you - keeps you laughing. I must say that everyone should visit- what else could you ask for - food, service, AND atmosphere. This is one of the better restaurants on the OBX.

Rating: Great Selection 11/17/2003
Reviewer: Lisa

They have many unique selections on their menu. It is difficult to pick out what you want. They also have a very extensive children's menu

Rating: One of our favorites. 11/17/2003
Reviewer: Belle1952

Great food, drinks, and hospitality. Very casual and friendly. Lots of variety on the menu.