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00 12 Hwy
Avon, NC 27949

Hatteras Island’s Seafood Restaurant…
…the best fresh seafood you will ever eat.
Welcome to the Dolphin Den web site. We are THE destination to visit when you think of eating out while on the island. We opened in 1999, with 30 years professional food service experience in fresh seafood, a cookbook of island family recipes, and originals belonging to my husband, an accomplished chef. Before there were bridges to the island our families depended on the sea, and even breakfast was a special treat. There are few restaurants on Hatteras Island owned and run by native islanders, and it shows.

As the native part of the ownership, I bring my grandmom’s tasty recipes, and the respect for my heritage to serve “fresh as we can get it” seafood. Some of my childhood friends are following in their families’ footsteps in the commercial fishing trade. They call from offshore to see what we can use of their catch, and it is delivered, dressed and filleted, late that day, and ready to be served the next day. Our soft shell crabs are locally farmed by other childhood friends in the business, who fish the sound waters off Nags Head.

We are family friendly and can accommodate large parties. We also find that our small parties feel comfortably tucked away in booths that are high enough to make dining a personal experience. If seafood is not your choice, you will be pleased to know that we serve the best Angus steaks, cut in our kitchen and served to your specifications. This year we purchased a state of the art smoker, as my husband’s old restaurant was the Rib Crib and the wings, chickens and ribs are also freshly prepared. We proudly serve the best Key lime Pie you will ever eat………and…as chocolate is good for your health, our brownies are to live for. Stop by…………we are very food friendly.

-The Owners and Staff

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Rating: Not the best 4/14/2014
Reviewer: Tom&Kris

We have a cottage in Avon, but haven't eaten here in about 4 years. Thought we'd try it again. There were no specials. My wife had scallops and shrimp (her favorite) and I had blackened Mahi. These are the same orders we had at Oceana Bistro 3 weeks ago. The Bistro was much, much better! It may be 4 years before we eat here again. On the good side, they have good early bird specials and the cornbread is really good.

Rating: Worth It. 7/2/2013
Reviewer: Buckeye

Great seafood selection, Great Service, Nice restaurant atmosphere. Moderate prices as this is not a sandwich shop.

Rating: Hillary must own the Froggy Dog 8/4/2011
Reviewer: Jim

My family and I ate her on June 14, 2011. Two of us had the seafood platter. One had the crab cakes. One had chicken I believe. Two of the kids had chicken fingers and one had the fried shrimp. I personally had the seafood platter which was the best seafood platter I have ever had while on vacation. Shrimp, scallops, oysters, clams and crab cake all lightly breaded and cooked to perfection. For $25 it was definately a deal. Everyone else enjoyed their meal as well. The waiter was was very friendly and very helpful, I wish I remembered his name. This will definately be a must eat for us from now on.

Rating: Great! 3/27/2011
Reviewer: Maggie

Food was great, with large portions. Very friendly staff and not a bad wait time either. We eat out every night during our weekly vacations and had went to the Dolphin Den the last night of our vacation. This was our first time there. Had we have went there earlier in the week we would have went there more than once that week. We felt it was the best restaurant we had been to in all of the OBX. We are staying in Avon this year and I must say a small part of our decision to stay in Avon was based on this restaurant. My husband is excited that the house we are renting happens to be right near the Dolphin Den.

P.S. I find the bad review on here completely without merit.

Rating: Tradition 2/27/2011
Reviewer: June

My family and I go to the Dolphin Den at least twice and sometimes three times during the week that we stay in Avon.
All I can say about the terrible review that prompted me to write my own is that the reviewer must have been from a rival business. We have never had anything but great service and wonderful food at the DD.
If you don't want to wait a long time to get in then go before the dinner hour. We have never waited for a table once and we have been going there for 8 years. Why would the wait be so long if it wasn't a wonderful place to eat?
When I'm ready to go on vacation there is one thing I always talk about (just ask my kids) and that is eating She Crab Soup and Key Lime Pie at the Dolphin Den!
I can't imagine the Outer Banks without the Dolphin Den. If it were ever to close its doors (doubtful) I would probably never go back to Avon. It would break my heart.

Rating: Nope 6/18/2010
Reviewer: Surfer

Not good. Ebverything tastes the same. Large portions but no taste.

Rating: excellent 6/15/2010
Reviewer: loveobx

I give this reveiw 4 stars only because there was quite a wait. the food was excellent as was our waiter. I can't wait to go back this year.

Rating: awful, awful, awful, awful need I say more? 6/1/2010
Reviewer: Hillary

Service was extremely slow and extremely RUDE!!!!! Food was awful and not enough for the money! My husband got the seafood platter~was like $25.00~had like 3 shrimp, half piece of fish and an awful "canned crab" cake. I got the seafood augratin~maybe a teaspoon of crabmeat, 2-3 shrimp and it was like they were trying to fill the dish up with cheese~it wasnt just bad it was awful. We asked for management and the waiter said they are unavailable right now but I can tell you they wont do anything about it just deal with it, pay and leave!!!!! We have come to Hatteras Island for many years and never had to deal with this.........TAKE OUR ADVICE GO NEXT DOOR TO THE FROGGY DOG~FRESH PLENTIFUL SEAFOOD EDIBLE (WHICH IS IMPORTANT) AND GOOD SERVICE