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Scarborough Lane Shoppes
Duck, NC 27949

Specializing in locally caught seafood, this raw bar and grill opened in the summer of 1995 and won the Outer Banks chowder cook-off with an original recipe during its first year in business. Lunch items include sandwiches, crab cakes, fried seafood, and creamy soups such as tomato conch and, of course, chowder. Dinner entrees feature such Caribbean cuisine favorites as calypso eggplant and coconut shrimp, as well as pastas with fresh clam sauce, lobster tails, crab legs, and more than a dozen raw bar selections. The hot crab dip, barbecue shrimp, and conch fritters are outstanding appetizers. This is a casual place with a full bar, five types of beer on tap, 50 bottled beers from all over the world, a wine list, and several microbrews. Fishbones serves lunch and dinner seven days a week year-round, and specials change daily for both meals. Takeout is available for all menu items. Reservations are not accepted.

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Rating: Pretty Decent 6/8/2014
Reviewer: PaulZ

We've come here several times over the past few years. Generally for a mid afternoon drink or two, oysters and a sandwich. We sit at the outside bar and we are generally pleased. The food is good...not over the top...but good. The atmosphere is really good and the patrons and staff are always fun to talk to. We always make a stop here and will continue to.

Rating: Barely 'okay' 2/6/2013
Reviewer: RAHohio

Really, the only thing that's above average at this place is the view. The menu is very boring & the back of the house does it no favors. The food was kind of warm when it hit the table. And the service... I felt like I was bugging them to simply get my water refilled or even the check. With so many great establishments out there, skip this one (except maybe if you're just planning to drink at the bar) & go elsewhere

Rating: Terrible 7/20/2012
Reviewer: KBinCT

Worst restaurant for food and service on OBX. Location and view are beautiful.

Rating: sunsets 2/10/2011
Reviewer: daniel


Rating: Sunset Grill on the Sound: BAD; Fishbones in Scarborough Fair: GOOD 4/27/2010
Reviewer: Frank (Frank & Linda)

Don't confuse the two, and THERE ARE TWO places in Duck called "Fishbones." The bad one is on the sound with the terrific view and location but has bad food and bad service (such a shame).
The one in Scarborough Fair is actually pretty good. Not much of a view, and is small by comparison, but we've always had good service and good food. We've never understood why the owner of these two places allowed the one on the sound to get so ridiculously bad.

Rating: Keep Hoping 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Steve

Every year we keep hoping this place will come close to expectations provided by the location. Last time we ate there the less than mediocre food was eclipsed by the truly rotten service - service so bad I left a penny tip so the server would know I didn't forget. Went in this year, looked around, scanned the menu, saw things weren't any different and left.

Someday maybe -

Rating: Wonderful views & good food 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Patti (orangekitty)

We ate there 4 times when we were on vacation this past June. Once for a late lunch - early dinner when the kids were finished parasailing and the other times for breakfast. The food was always good everytime we went. I had the seafood omelet for breakfast and it was just terrific. Nice atmosphere and good location with terrific views. Dinners seemed a little bit pricey though, breakfast and lunch was reasonable.

Rating: BAD 9/2/2009
Reviewer: Fred

This place is horrible - bad food, bad service. If you see cars in the lot, it's only because the people in there have never eaten there before, and think since it's got a good view it might be a good restaurant. I don't know anyone who's gone back after making the mistake once.

Rating: Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced 8/24/2009
Reviewer: DC

While on vacation in Corolla last month, I brought my extended family, 17 of us all together, for a dinner at Fishbones Sunset Grille & Raw Bar on July 27th. We were seated upstairs, and we were all immediately extremely cold. Our group included 8 children 10 and under, and they were shivering.

We spoke to our Waiter, asking that the temperature be raised a little, as we were all quite cold and uncomfortable. He indicated that he didn't have the authority to do that, but would notify the Manager. She came over after a while, and I explained to her that it was unacceptably cold, and again asked that the temperature be raised. She said she didn't have the authority to do that, but would speak to the Owner.

She returned after a while, stating that nothing could be done. I told her that this was simply unacceptable, as our entire family was cold. Further, I could see the same problem with the various tables around us, as people were holding and rubbing their arms to try and keep warm.

I asked to speak with the Owner, but he didn't even have the courtesy to come up and speak with me. The evening wore on, as our meal was served throughout this series of exchanges.

By the time the meal was over, the kids were all asking if they could go outside to warm up.

I then asked again to speak with the Manager, indicating that the least the management could do would be to discount the cost of our meal, as they forced us to be uncomfortably cold throughout the entire meal.

She went to speak with the owner, who apparently authorized a 10% discount. At first, I thought this was a reasonable accommodation, but then discovered he meant 10% on my own personal dinner, not the entire meal!!

This was basically a $2.00 accommodation, on a bill of $350, which I consider an insult. After speaking again with the Manager, and asking to speak directly with the Owner, this $2.00 accommodation was changed to $5.00, which is equally ridiculous, and the Owner apparently refused to come up to speak with me.

I have travelled and eaten out all around the world, and have never encountered a situation like this, where the management of a restaurant refused to even attempt to make their guests comfortable, offer a table in a warmer area, and where the Owner didn't even have the common courtesy to speak with an unhappy customer. And then to insult me by offering a $2.00 discount on a $350 meal was simply over the top in rudeness.

Rating: Pretty good 10/12/2008
Reviewer: Beth

We had some oyster and clams and my son had the burger. The server was nice and the food was decent.

Rating: worst food, worst staff 10/11/2008
Reviewer: Anonymous

too bad this prime location restaurant is so horrid

Rating: Both Staff and Food was Poor 9/6/2008
Reviewer: Katie

Total Tourist Trap!
My Husband and I went there for lunch on Wednesday around 1:00. He isn't a seafood person so he ordered a burger, "medium" The meat was GREY hard and so salty you couldn't eat it not to mention the bun so stale that it crumbled and fell apart around this meat brick. I ordered the fried oyster sandwich, again way too much salt and dry stale bun. When brought to the servers attention the response was a rude WELL I GUESS YOU CAN TRY A SALAD then she disappeared for 20 minutes. When she finally came back and asked us if we saved room for dessert, too much attention to up-selling the customer vs customer satisfaction. The view of the sound was gorgeous thanks to Mother Nature Go to Duck Deli for a great lunch at much better prices.

Rating: Worst Breakfast ever 12/21/2007
Reviewer: Sol

Dont know about their other meals, but their breakfast was horrible. I had an omlette and my wife had the egg scramble. Both eggs tasted microwaved! Her sausage were cold. Wouldnt give them another chance for another meal after that. Only good thing to say is that it is an incredible view

Rating: Mixed Reviews 10/9/2007
Reviewer: Anonymous

Our party of 9 dined in October on a slow Monday evening with only 2 tables seated when we arrived and no one seated at the windows for the view. The hostess would not allow a party of 9 to be seated at the window because we may take too long to be served and take up too much time with the server so we needed to be split into 2 tables with 2 waitors, but ended up with the same server. Staff was not accommadating to a large party even though the room was empty.

Food was good and the view beautiful. Our server was a little slow, but allowed us to have separate checks and was very sweet.

Rating: owners 7/6/2007
Reviewer: bob wolverton

the same people who own fishbones also own sunset.

Rating: go for the views 5/2/2007
Reviewer: Marg

Just ate there Saturday night with a party of seven and we had problem getting seperate checks. We got a table outside on the deck. The only place to eat in my opinion if the weather is good enough for the deck to be open. This was my second time eating there with a large party in the last six months and both times the whole group was pleased. Some meals very good while others were average. The stuffed filet mignon was very good. Service was attentive and food came quickly, almost too quickly.

This is a place to go when you want to eat on the water, see a fabulous sunset, and you are looking for a party atmosphere. This is not the sort of place for a romantic dinner for two. I'm surprised anyone thinks it's pricey, since it's far more reasonable than many of the restaurants in the area.

Rating: eww 3/20/2007
Reviewer: Anonymous

Have worked and eaten at this restaurant. Food is horrible. Owners are extreemely rude and managers are not permitted to go above or beyond for customer satisfaction. Seperate checks are not allowed, so bring a calculator!!!

Rating: Don't miss 6/10/2006
Reviewer: Rubber Chicken

any one who says this place is pricy doesn't get out much! Great food, drinks, appetizers and view. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and portion size. We go here every visit to OBX.

Rating: Nice place for lunch too! 5/16/2006
Reviewer: Brenda

We went today for lunch and the food was great! And about 1/2 the price of what I'd pay in New England. Beautiful view and the mango Margarita was awesome!!

Rating: Great Crab Cake Sandwiches 6/12/2005
Reviewer: Indy Rose

We eat here when we arrive and are waiting for our house to be ready. Great Crab Cake Sandwiches. Sit on the deck and watch the parasailers great view.

Rating: Nice view of the sound 3/2/2005
Reviewer: Doreen

I took my two daughters out to lunch here. We ate on the deck facing the Currituck Sound and watched the parasailers. Wonderful atmosphere. It was an exceptional windy day. One of my daughters lost their menu due to the gusty wind. We had to chase it down before it fell into the sound. lol Sea gulls swooped down on us as we ate our meal. It was a very memorable lunch! My girls still reminisce about it. I would recommend the fried clams. They were huge and quite delicious!

Rating: Good view, good food. 10/26/2004
Reviewer: Mary Jo

We ate here for a night out without the kids. Great view of the sound! We had to wait for a table but we had a drink out on the deck and watched the sunset. We enjoyed our meal and the service was good.

Rating: Nice View... Okay Otherwise 10/26/2004
Reviewer: KT Mae

If you are looking for a dynamite view, this is the place. The decor is cute and lively. We thought the food and service were average and somewhat overpriced for what you got. Overall, not bad.

Rating: Food Good, Drinks very expensive 6/29/2004
Reviewer: PGHtoOBX

This is a great restaurant to take kids -- it's bright and noisy and fun. The food was fantastic -- everyone in our group of 10 ordered something different and no one was disappointed. I had a grilled tuna steak topped with crabmeat and it was rich and filling.

Rating: Best meal on the Outer Banks 4/14/2004
Reviewer: Stephen

We ate at the Sunset Grille & loved it. Unique Caribbean atmosphere with tiki bars, fun drinks, kid friendly, and courteous staff. Great food. Not a bad seat in the place for viewing the sunset & VERY reasonable prices. A piece of the islands on the Outer Banks, a must see.

Rating: Food and service is terrible! Atmosphere is great! 1/11/2004
Reviewer: Sata Jennings

We ate at Sunset Grill and were very disappointed! I could not believe that a place with such a good atmosphere right on the sound could have such bad food and service! It was extremely pricey too! The drinks are great but how wrong can you go with those. I would not recomend eating here but I would recommend coming for cocktails and watching the sunset!

Rating: Beautiful View 11/9/2003
Reviewer: Susan

We've eaten here twice and everything we've ordered has been very good. The view overlooking the sound is beautiful. Nice sitting with a bloody mary watching the sunset. They have a bar in a gazebo at the end of a pier, which is nice, but it's never been open when we were there since we go off season.