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2301 N Croatan Hwy
Kitty Hawk, NC 27948


Like the original in Kitty Hawk, this branch of Jimmy's specializes in seafood -- all you want of it. Buffet items include shrimp, fish, clams, and crab dishes. There's also pork barbecue, hand-carved roast beef, ribs, chicken, a ton of vegetables, breads, and desserts. Jimmy's has 75 different frozen cocktail flavors to get your appetite rolling for all that chow. In season, Jimmy's is open every night for dinner starting at 4:00 P.M. Jimmy's also offers Seafood Buckets for takeout. See our Kitty Hawk section for more about Jimmy's Seafood Buffet.

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Rating: great place to stuff yourself! 2/25/2014
Reviewer: MongOBX

great place to eat, make sure you come hungry because it isn't cheap and you need to feel like you've gotten your money's worth!! The food is GREAT

Rating: We love Jimmy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/24/2012
Reviewer: julietta

I can't believe the bad reviews. We've gone to Jimmy's for the past two years and will be going again this year when we vacation at the outer banks. Some people said it smells bad, well if you don't like the smell of seafood then you WILL think it smells bad...DUH!! They have a great selection of seafood, we go for the crab legs! My 10 year old doesn't eat much seafood, but there is still a great variety of food for her to choose from, plus lots of pie, etc., for dessert. We had the same waiter both years and he was wonderful, very friendly and he really hustled! FOr those that complain that its crowded and noisey...Yes it is crowded and loud....its crowded because so many people eat there and loud because everyone is having a good time! Can't wait to go back this summer! Love it!

Rating: Jimmy's just smells bad 1/28/2011
Reviewer: super sniffer

We only made it to the front door. Took one whiff and turned on our heels. Sorry but if I can't get past the smell of a place, I just can't eat there.

Rating: Good Food 4/14/2010
Reviewer: The Hannigan Family

Me and my family ate at Jimmys while we were down for spring break, all I have to say is awsome crab legs, and the steamed shrimp were great cooked and seasoned just right (not dried out like another place we visited that week). We really enjoyed eating here and will definately come back this summer when we are down.

Rating: MALICIOUS 4/8/2010
Reviewer: The Burke family

I think the neg feedbacks here are way way out in left field or further. Couldn't be further from reality imho

EXCELLENT food and Value

Rating: Augment Your Vacation! 3/18/2010
Reviewer: James Lavera and Family

I have been coming down to the OBX annually since the 90’s. Once Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet came to the OBX I always had something to look forward to year after year. It’s a place where I can have an endless seafood feast, Drink ice cold beer, as I laugh and carry on with the party I’m with. Last year when we went they had 10 different types of crab legs, tender salmon and ribs that actually fell right off the bone. My server was Paul and I recommend you ask for him if he’s there because he took great care of my family. Jimmy’s has always been a special part of my family’s vacation because there really is no place like it. Restaurant owners try and mock Jimmy’s but their all 5-7 crab legs short. Don’t hate the crowds; they bring a positive energy that welcomes you into an environment where you can chill and just be yourself. EVERYONE EXPERINCE THIS BUFFET!!!

Rating: Loved it!! 3/17/2010
Reviewer: Diane

My husband and I had dinner at Jimmy's on Sat night and loved it!! We couldn't believe the great deal on all you can eat Lobster for just an additional $6.00 to the $28.95 price! We both enjoyed four along with all the other wonder items on the Buffet! Our Waitress was great, we saw her more than if you ate at a fine dinning restaurant! She had a great personality which go to find out she's from the same area we are! We will come back to Jimmy's each time we're on the Outer Banks! It makes me laugh to read some of these ratings and wonder where do some of these people go out to eat when they are home or even on Vacation? The night before we spent way more money on our food and we never saw our Waitress to get what we needed. We thought Jimmy's was a great deal!!

Rating: WOW! 3/14/2010
Reviewer: Pam

My family and I ate at Jimmy's just last night. We got there around 8pm so we checked it out before we ate. Sometimes buffets get dried up the longer the food is out. After touring the buffet line, the food looked fresh & we saw loads of different crab legs. My 15 year old is the crab leg master. Our waiter was great and the food was unbelievable. I really like crab legs but the other items were so good I ate more of them. I really liked the seared sesame tuna(rare). My next favorite was the crab dip with toast points. But there is so much, I didn't get to try everything. I will be back. I love local restaurants that give you the feel of the Outer Banks...that is why we come here.

Rating: Fantastic 3/14/2010
Reviewer: James

I surprised by the negative reviews on here. I wonder if it is the competition mad that Jimmys is doing so well. We ate there last weekend and it was great. I must have ate 5 pounds of crab legs. The waiter was so attentive and entertaining my kids say it is their new favorite place. It is not the largest of fanciest place but the food is definately top notch and isn't that what you go to a restaurant for. Will definately be my eating spot from now on when we visit the Outer Banks

Rating: Jimmy's is just plain disgusting 10/26/2009
Reviewer: Melissa

Frozen seafood, long lines, and staff leaves the food out until its gone rather than bringing out fresh at periodic intervals. It is dirty and loud. Definitely a tourist trap.

Rating: Great 10/25/2009
Reviewer: Michelle

Was just as great as it was in Sept. 2007. We were there in May 09 and it was super, great items to choose from, crab was delicious as always. This is great for a family that needs something to meet everyones needs, kids included.

Rating: never again !!!!!!!!! 9/28/2009
Reviewer: Robin Stanley

Sorry!! very dirty, the waitress had the nerve to fuss at me for giving my child a bite of my rib.. ONE BITE.. selection was poor.. never again. just seemed so dirty.

Rating: There's a new Captain in town. 9/28/2009
Reviewer: JP

We've always eaten at Jimmy's during our vacation, and it's been decent but never spectacular. We try to go right as they open to avoid the overcrowding that is so common here. We were once seated right outside the restroom which kinda sucked. Since Captain George's opened, it has really opened our eyes as to how terrible Jimmy's really is, in terms of food and atmosphere. Go to both and you'll see. Unless Capt George's closes down, we won't be going back to Jimmy's again. In Jimmy's defense, their alcoholic drinks served in the two foot tall glasses are really good.

Rating: long lines for food 7/27/2009
Reviewer: D.C.

I recently ate at Jimmys buffet first off it was real busy and we rode by each day of our vacation and the line was so long,we just decided to stop in there where guys directing traffic in the lot who was very pleasant he said they were steady and said there was 1hr wait, as we went in the host said the same she told us we could wait upstairs or outside,the did a great job seating us in 30 mints and the food was great the smell of friend food and crab legs were in the air
now i know why the are busy when others are not. its is good.i some times think people stress while on vacation, dont if you dont want to wait or in in a busy place dont.enjoy your vaction and family we did and will be back.

Rating: Stinky and Disgusting 6/16/2009
Reviewer: Rick

At best, the seafood was just OK. But the place stinks, is dirty, and very crowded. It was almost a nightmare-ish meal!

Rating: its good when there aren't tourist. 5/4/2009
Reviewer: NC NATIVE

The food is good when you get there in the spring and fall. When the beach gets crowded and everyone thinks that Alaskan crab legs are local to NC waters, people get excited about local seafood(LOL). Here's the deal, thanks for coming but don't put down the place when idiots cause the problem. EAT AND GET OUT

Rating: Not worth it 4/27/2009
Reviewer: Dane

If you just want Crab Legs, then this place is ok...but if you want the whole buffet to be good, don't go here. Overall it was not worth it.

Rating: Quantity Over Quality. 8/24/2008
Reviewer: Kristine

Maybe not quite as horrifying as Carolina Seafood. But Jimmy's shares the problems of many of these awful buffet places: hot, crowded, unappetizing, dirty, and let's face it, kinda stinky. I hated it. I'll never understand the popularity of these places. So expensive and BAD.

Rating: Great Food 9/19/2007
Reviewer: Michelle

We went the 2nd week in September (07) and got there when it opened. It is small inside but the food was awsome. The crab legs were perfect, fried scallops, oysters, shrimp, crab cakes GREAT, just so much you can't begin to try everything. Blacken tuna was great as well. Their deserts were yuck but you didn't need those anyway after all the other good stuff. Kids buffet was just what the kids wanted and they enjoyed it. $28.95 a person and Childern up to 12 $7.95 unless they want grab legs then its $17.90.

Rating: Bad experience! 7/24/2006
Reviewer: Sandy

This place was soooo overcrowded that you could not turn around. As soon as we arrived and ordered our drinks, I got up to get my food and as I stood up my arm hit the waitress's tray and spilled drinks all over the poor guy that was sitting next to us. I tried in vain to apologize to them, she totally ignored me and he just kept right on eating like nothing happened. I then told the waiter to take me off the check and I sat and waited while the rest of my crew ate. After reading the reviews, I am glad I didn't eat after all. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have that many people in a place of that size. Everyone agreed the food wasn't great and didn't think it was worth the money.

Rating: avoid 7/16/2006
Reviewer: scott

If you are healthy and want to stay that way...find somewhere else to eat.

Rating: 1 star in 3 as listed in pig pen review 7/14/2006
Reviewer: Anonymous

pig pen 1 star not 3

Rating: pig pen 7/14/2006
Reviewer: Anonymous

Does the health dept ever set foot in here? Disgusting. What was I thinking when I let my family eat here???? Food gross, cheap in quality.

Rating: Jimmy's Seafood Buffet 6/12/2006
Reviewer: A

Had bad experience. May have just been the night - expensive for what you get ($24.95/each). Felt like I was in a pig stye. Sorry, just can't recommend. Maybe you will have a better experience. Service was great - just not food and "fighting" for it.

Rating: Got the buckets to-go: AWESOME! 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Leslie

We ordered by phone 2 buckets. One clambake style with crablegs and another steamed style with the fixings. It fed 6 adults 2 teens and a couple of the youngsters. It was delicious and very filling. The corn was a little over cooked by us but still tasty. They also let us substitute more clams instead of the mussels. I would get this again!

Rating: Fantastic seafood, Crab legs out of this world!!!!!!!! 3/27/2006
Reviewer: Michelle

We have been coming to the OXB for years and this is by far the best place to eat. It is a bit high in prices aprox $25.00 each but well worth it. Several different types of crab legs, loads of other items, shrimp, oysters and clams ect. You can't go wrong here. They even have a bar just for the kids with items kids love, pop corn shrimp, chicken tenders, mac & Cheese, way to many to list.