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4933 S. Croatan Hwy
Nags Head, NC 27959


Only the finest meats and freshest vegetables, which come fresh from the farmer’s market, find their way into our kitchen. Once there, they are cooked in pure vegetable oil to bring out the true flavors of authentic Mexican cooking.

Our extensive menu offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes, appealing to all tastes. Diners can request entrees made vegetarian-style or with any of our fresh meats.

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Rating: Nice Surpirse 11/13/2015
Reviewer: obxfam

As some have stated, we don't seek out Mexican food while at the beach but we decided to try this out a couple years ago and have made return trips just about each year. Good food and very reasonable.

Rating: Not my typical OBX choice, but a great place nonetheless! 8/26/2014
Reviewer: MongOBX

Typically we don't go to resturants that we can go to at home, but LoFogata was a great meal. I think it was one of the few places the whole group (8 of us) came away happy.

Rating: Pleasently surprised! 3/16/2013
Reviewer: virtual

We don't really associate Mexican food with the beach, so I can't remember what whim caused us to stop in one night. I had the mixed fajitas, my wife had something more seafood oriented but still Mexican. And, of course, we had to have margaritas while we were there, which were decent. We were pleasantly surprised by how good it was, even with good chips and nice tasting salsa at the beginning. Based on our experience we would definitely consider going again, even though we don't immediately think Mexican when we're at the beach.

Rating: US Mexican 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Janine

The menu is typical of a US Mexican restaurant, having all the regular dishes: burritos, enchiladas, tacos...

The cheese dip is addictive, love the corn chips and salsa, too. The staff is extremely friendly. The marguaritas are great and I think the prices are good.

Rating: Hmm...OK 9/29/2009
Reviewer: Robbie Lyn

No Mexican soup...that's always a disappointment. Setting appeared to be more diner-like. Food was typical of origin...Not at all a romantic place to dine.

Rating: Vegetarian food not good. 5/15/2008
Reviewer: KatGirl

We did not have the same experience as some here seem to have had. Our food looked and tasted like reheated frozen food/cheap canned food. I have been to Mexico and eaten at families homes in Mexico and the USA. This food is not anything like authentic Mexican food.

That being said the service was good and it was not expensive.

Rating: Worth the Drive 8/29/2007
Reviewer: pghbrgr

We were saddened when we noticed they were no longer in Corolla, but we found out where they were and made the drive.

Once again we left happy & full.

IMO if you are looking for authentic Mexican, you need to stop here. Food was excellent.

Rating: One of the things I look forward to every year! 5/26/2007
Reviewer: Lizz

I LOVE La Fogata. The prices are very low and the food is hot and delicious. Try the Chili Con Queso- superb! The service is good too.

Rating: Excelent 4/30/2006
Reviewer: Kyle

By far my favorite resturant, always has been. Ive been eating at La Fogatas Consistently 1-2 times a month since I was five. The Chips and salsa are always fresh, and great tasting. The people there are awesome, and uphold great service. The meals are always hot, tasty, and fresh. I recommend the lunch special #8 (beef or chicken), and for dinner I recommend the Guadlahara Special (beef or chicken). Lo fogatas is a very consistent resturant on the beach, and a well known local favorite for its low prices, and excelent service, food, and atmosphere. 3 thumbs up.

Rating: It's a must. 4/10/2006
Reviewer: Bess

We have been enjoying La Fogota for many years. First when it was at MP4 1/2 and then at 14. Good inexpensive food. Get there early during the season because it fills up fast, even in the new location. If you get something you're not happy with tell them.

Rating: Best Prices All Week 10/12/2005
Reviewer: Stephen

Went to LaFogata June '05. Table salsa was very good. Food was average. Prices were unbeatable. This was the best dollar value for a meal anywhere I've been in OBX. Will go back next year when we need a break from seafood and high prices.

Rating: Stay away! 7/12/2005
Reviewer: vanative

We have been coming here for years. The last two times it was AWFUL. The food was overpriced, the service was just plain bad, and the taste and presentation is just not there anymore. We will not be back. If you had a "no star" listing this place would deserve it.

Rating: DO NOT EAT HERE 6/27/2005
Reviewer: Johhny

If you want a good, fast, inexpensive Mexican meal. DO NOT EAT HERE. We had a party of 8. All of us spent the next 36hours in and out of the bathroom. Everyone was sick, Pucking or Crapping ever hour.

Rating: GREAT Place 1/31/2005
Reviewer: Allen

One of the few restaurants in Nags Head that stays open and busy year round. Why? Because the food and the service are consistently good and the prices are inexpensive year round prices - not "make all your money in 4 months off the tourists" prices. Run by locals, enjoyed by locals, and here to stay. I eat there more often than any other place on the beach. If you want a great inexpensive meal and great service from guys that are here year round - it's the only place to go. Sorry a couple of out-of-towners had a bad experience.

Rating: Uneven experiences 1/9/2005
Reviewer: Kelly

The first few times we ate here, it was the best Mexican food we'd had. The last time we were disapointed. Everything was dry,bland and servings much smaller. Maybe it was a fluke, but we haven't been back since. I would probably try them again if I had the chance, because the majority of times we really liked it.

Rating: NOT what I expected 10/18/2004
Reviewer: Ace Mclean

We ate at the Kitty Hawk Location.
The nicest thing I can say is that the prices were low and the service was about average. I almost went with 2 stars.

I really wanted to enjoy this place, but it didn't work out that way. ALL of our food was stale, boring, and bland. The various sauces tasted like they were made from canned, frozen, or week-old ingredients. The soft and hard tortillas (depending on the dish) were stale and pasty.

The worst part? While the silverware and dishes were clean, the rest of the place was filthy. After hitting the men's room the only thing that kept me from leaving was the fact that our food arrived and looked half way decent. Too bad it didn't taste that way.
Normally, I would give such a highly recommended restaurant a second chance, figuring that I hit them on a bad day. That probably won't happen with La Fogata, especially since there are many other quality options in the area.

Rating: Best Mexican on the Beach 6/7/2004
Reviewer: Tim-Obx

If you want a good, fast, inexpensive Mexican meal, then go to either of their resturants. One is at the 3 mile post and the other down by the 13-14 mile post in Nags Head.

Rating: Our Favorite Mexican 11/18/2003
Reviewer: roc-obx

You want decent Mexican? Try this place.....either location (Kitty Hawk on the bypass or Nags Head at the Outer Banks Mall). Simply delicious Mexican food, the best service, and low, low prices. Even with a carafe of wine or a coupla beers, it's affordable and just plain good.