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Milepost 9.5
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948


We'd like to welcome you to our little corner of the world, a place we like to hang out at, eat, meet friends and drink our cares away. It's a place called Mama Kwans, and as long as you eat your vegetables (or stuff them under your napkin), Mama Kwan will be happy to serve and entertain you!

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Rating: Sorry 12/19/2015
Reviewer: vanative

I cannot recommend this place. Maybe it was an off night. I had the fish tacos, which I had read was the best on the beach. Not so that night. They were at best average. And the mixed drinks tasted somewhat watery. Like I said, maybe just a bad night.

Rating: Go-To Place 10/ 11/6/2014
Reviewer: lseven

Always look forward to, and can count on, the seared tuna appetizer and fish tacos with side of cucumber salad. Atmosphere beachy, casual and clean, with a local neighborhood hang-out feel. Service always good, friendly.

Rating: GREAT Crab Cakes and Fish Tacos 9/9/2013
Reviewer: jmaye2

Mama Kwans has a great beachy atmosphere along with the patrons and wait staff fun and enjoyable. The food was fantastic! The restaurant was referred to me by a local hair dresser for the crab cakes. The CRAB CAKES do NOT have "filler" like onions, celery, red peppers, etc. I do not like my crab cake polluted with this additional non-necessary food "pieces." I can't wait to return to Mama's when I come back down there.

Rating: Fish Tacos are the best 7/30/2013
Reviewer: lou2obx

Just visited in July in search of fish tacos. Mama Kwan's has the best is what everyone told me and that is now what I tell everyone else. I was impressed. Overall a great dining experience, the staff was friendly and our waitress was fantastic. The decor is colorful and beachy. Most of their mixed drinks come with a little souvenir cup to keep. I got the surfer girl cup and another in my group got a monkey cup, pretty neat! Will definitely be back.

Rating: The best fish tacos 1/24/2013
Reviewer: DPardue

Mama Kwans is usually my first meal on the Outer Banks when I roll into Nags Head around the middle of the day. Their menu is unique with appetizers and dishes beyond just typical burgers and fries. The blackened fish tacos with mahi served with sesame-jasmine rice, shredded cheese, cabbage, and their special tangy lime sauce is fantastic.

Rating: I keep coming back 9/12/2011
Reviewer: Patricia

I love this restaurant. I don't remember the first time I came here but it's probably been 15 years.

I'm sad about a few changes. Used to love looking at all the strange decor. My kids loved it too... especially stuff like the old hair dryer chair! haha And I miss the Jawaiian chicken... that was my favorite!

But I still love this place and I brought my boyfriend here last week for his first trip to the OBX. We will both be back again! But PLEASE bring back the Jawaiian chicken!! It still shows on the online menu but I sure couldn't find it on the physical menu. :(

Rating: Love it 5/27/2011
Reviewer: Georgia and Rich Griffiths

I love this restaurant, especially the garbage plate which is loaded with deslicous vegitables. Wish they could get some wheat-free soy sauce so my husband could eat their delicious Pad Thai.

Rating: Something different! 10/5/2010
Reviewer: Anonymous

Mama Kwan's has entrees like nowhere else. Don't order the same stuff you can get at any restaurant!

I always get the Garbage Plate (with or without tuna) or the Oriental Chicken Salad. I am addicted to the marinated cucumbers, and many locals will tell you the same. Another favorite is the Thai Moneybags appetizer. Yeah the prices for kid drinks are ridiculous, but it's a pretty good place for kids - bright colors, lots to look at. Spend the 3 bucks and get a plastic lei and a cup to take home.

Rating: kind of like an average chain restaurant 7/25/2010
Reviewer: Lee

Atmosphere was fun and casual. Service was excellent. Food was OK. Got the "garbage plate". Presentation was nice. Fish was overcooked. Tasted the fish tacos...meh.

Rating: Special Ocassion Pasta 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Janine

add shrimp. It doesn't get any better. Oh, wait...the fish tacos, or the Pad Thai. One of our favorite places to eat.

Rating: pleased 9/15/2009
Reviewer: LL

Went in July,and was not diappointed. Had the tuna sammy, med rare w/wasabi mayo, yum. DD ended up ordering off the adult menu, and ate very well. Prices are moderate, similar to KDGrill, not a "good buy", but fair enough. DD wanted one of the special kids drinks which we ludacris in price for what they were, so she left without having one...mean mommmy that I am. Wait staff prompt, but when we questions drink specails, she was vague about she didn't see any posted. AS we were leaving, we noted that at some point specials had been posted, but she never relayed any...sucks for her, because alcohol brings up a tab, and for very little effort your tip increases. Oh wel.. Looking forward to going back to try several other tasties we saw comming out of the kitchen. Loved that it wasn't all fried fat offereings and that even at lunch there was more to chose from than just burgers and fries.

Rating: Our Favorite Place! 7/2/2009
Reviewer: A Fan

Mama Kwan's is our favorite place to eat at OBX. I LOVE the Fish Tacos and the Special Occasion Pasta. We have been so much, my husband now calls me "Mama Kwan".

Rating: Mama's Sucks! 5/21/2009
Reviewer: Anonymous

This restaurant is a joke. The food sucks, I wouldn't go back if they paid us, Go to another restaurant, and save your money. Don't spend it at Mama Kwans.

Rating: Loved It! 5/11/2009
Reviewer: Kelly

We completely enjoyed our trip to Mama Kwans. Hubby got the Monster Burger, I got The Duke and we split them. Fantastic! No complaints. Busy but we were sat right away and didn't have to wait for our friendly waitress. This will be one of our "must stop" places every year!

Rating: Love Mammas 12/29/2008
Reviewer: Matt H

We go to the OBX every year and plan our trip to eat lunch on the way to HI and and the way back home, and we go at laeast once during the week. The Hawaiin pork plate is the thing dreams are made of. My Family and Friends all look forward to the site of Mamma Kwans when we hit OBX.

Rating: So. Good. 8/24/2008
Reviewer: Kristine

I go to the OBX for at least two weeks every year. I spend the rest of the year dreaming about the Garbage Plate, the Special Occasion Pasta, and the Pad Thai. YUM. Great prices, great food. Eat at Mama's!

Rating: Stay Away! 5/16/2008
Reviewer: Jason

This place was the worst in all aspects. The time we did not spend waving away flys was spent trying to choke down poor food. We got the "Hawaii" pork which whoever made it had never been to Hawaii. This was no different then the cheapest Chinese fried pork (and this is there speciality?). Also got the Pad Thai which was mushy and tasteless. When the waitress finally showed up and asked how it was I told her it was not that good and she said "Yea most people do not like it but the ones that do really like it". Why would you keep serving something most people do not like! Ughh there are lots of restaurant choices in town DO NOT go to this one.

Rating: Now this is what I'm talkin' about! 5/13/2008
Reviewer: The Jones'

This place has excellent food, and service. I have never had a bad plate to eat..Fish Tacos are da bomb!

Rating: Eat where the Locals go! 12/31/2007
Reviewer: OBX Local

Try the Tuna Dinner, the Pork plate, Pad Thai, or the Garbage plate - all are exceptional! Great wait staff too!

Rating: You need to go here 10/1/2007
Reviewer: Anonymous

We love Mama's! The fish tacos are wonderful and the oriental chicken salad is my favorite; if you want a crabcake without lots of fillers, this is the place. The beer is cold and the wine pours are healthy.It is not the place for you if you prefer fried seafood dishes.

Rating: IT'S ALL GOOD! 9/18/2007
Reviewer: Ronnie

I've been eating here since day one, and it's still great. If you have'nt tried it, you're missing out! The food is consistently good. The great service from all the people that run Mama Kwans, makes for a great dining experience.

Rating: My favorite restaurant for 4 years now... 8/2/2007
Reviewer: loveall qd

I live an hour away, but eat there every chance I get. Good variety, colorful beach/surf/tropical decor, and consistently great food and service. Prices are very comparable to the other restaurants in the area. Definitely worth the drive!

Rating: Pretty Good 7/17/2007
Reviewer: Deb

Ate here for the first time--had Pad Thai & hubby had Ahi Tuna--excellent!

Rating: Ate there once 7/31/2006
Reviewer: MikeinNoVa

Staff was excellent and because it was we decided not to embarass anyone and returned the food, (most of it) that we didn't eat, via their dumpster on the way out.

Rating: expensive 7/17/2006
Reviewer: Keith and Kate

good atmosphere, nice people but very average food, lots of tacos and wraps, cost us 45 bucks for tacos,a wrap and bbq chicken cost we will stay home next time

Rating: Different and Great! 7/1/2006
Reviewer: 02bnobx

We've been here a couple of times. The food and service is always fantastic! I haven't been disappointed yet! My husband said the burger he got was probably one of the best he's ever had and I had the Honey Jerk Mahi Tacos....WONDERFUL! We'll go back again I'm sure!

Rating: We go every year! 5/27/2006
Reviewer: Kathy B.

We love this restaurant. Great atmosphere for the kids. Good bushwackers. And the food has an interesting twist that is quite different from the typical mundane OBX restaurants.

Rating: We go every year! 5/27/2006
Reviewer: Kathy B.

We love this restaurant. Great atmosphere for the kids. Good bushwackers. And the food has an interesting twist that is quite different from the typical mundane OBX restaurants.

Rating: One place to stop every visit! 4/27/2006
Reviewer: obxcarla

We have been visiting the Outer Banks for atleast 30 years. We found Mama Kwan's several years ago. We make sure that we stop atleast once every visit. Great food and service is always good too. ENJOY!

Rating: A MUST STOP IN OBX 3/16/2006
Reviewer: Pat

We've been coming to OBX for years and wouldn't miss stopping at least once. There's alot of restaurants to try but this is one you'll enjoy. It's a small place but good food.

Rating: great time! 3/3/2005
Reviewer: 02bnobx

Took my brothers' family, my family and my parents there for lunch....great prices, fabulous atmosphere! We will go back many times!!!!!

Rating: Ugly building - good food 11/22/2004
Reviewer: Tim

It can be a bit smokey if you are near the lung cancer section. The food is very good and the locals know it. Busy all year - worth a visit.

Rating: Something Different 10/27/2004
Reviewer: MD Doug

We've been going to Mama Kwan's the past 3 summers. Never disappointed. Thai Money Bags (appetizer), and Special Occassion Pasta are always great. Mama's offers a different menu from most of the popular places in the Outer Banks. Give it a try.

Rating: good food 10/26/2004
Reviewer: mah

I enjoy Mama Kwans they have great Mahi tacos