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Tuesday, October 25, 2011
More excuses
       Busy, busy week for Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. One of the hazards of living in a big, cosmopolitan, cultured city like Bawlmer is that there is always something going on to distract a blogger from his duties. It was especially so this week which happens to include the 200th birthday of one of his favorite composers, Franz Liszt, which the Peabody Conservatory students celebrated in fine style with a series of free concerts, all of which they attended.
       Uncle Jack is also supervising the construction of three new buildings on the Johns Hopkins campus across the street---the library which is now less than a year away from completion, a new laboratory building which will take two more years, and a new glassed-in grandstand for the lacrosse field which will take another year. Making sure that everything gets done correctly at all these work sites is a big responsibility and it does tend to keep him away from his computer.
       The weather has not been conducive to blog writing either; day after day of sunshine and warmth followed by crisp nights that are exploding the trees into color. They drove a few miles north of the city this morning and walked along the banks of the Loch Raven Reservoir which not only provides Charm City with excellent drinking water but also 300 square miles of recreational near-wilderness to wander around in. What an amenity for city folks and only 15 minutes from their condo.
       Fall is also the time for ethnic festivals of all kinds. Last weekend the Russian Orthodox church held theirs which drew Uncle Jack and daughter Emily to their tables laden with luscious homemade dishes to be washed down with Russian beer while a balalaika band played their Slavic hearts out. A memorable feast.
       Uncle Jack would like to thank all the readers who have already downloaded his new eBook from the Amazon Kindle library. He is not yet as rich and famous as he hopes to be but you have raised his expectations a notch in the first week.
       They are hanging around Baltimore for another week or so waiting for daughter Colleen to produce Mrs. U.J.’s seventh grandchild after which they will head for Nags Head for a fall sojourn. How lucky can you get?

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Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. nearly had the whole 300 square miles to themselves this morning. Lovely.

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The vistas are very Maine-like around the reservoir but the leaves are not quite there yet.

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Lots of water over the dam at this time of year.

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The library addition is acquiring its glass facade just in time for winter.

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A huge crane now looms over the laboratory construction site. Uncle Jack loves cranes.

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The cover of Uncle Jack's Kindle eBook. For more information about the book and how to order it for yourself or friends go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005VGOKKO You don't need a Kindle device to read it. Just download the Kindle reader app to your PC.

posted by Uncle Jack at 6:57 PM

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Friday, October 14, 2011
Uncle Jack's new eBook
       Uncle Jack is happy to report that his new Kindle eBook is finally uploaded to Amazon and ready for purchase. Paste the link below into your browser to be taken to the right place to check out the newest version of “Uncle Jack’s Outer Banks”.


He should hasten to tell long-time readers that this eBook bears little resemblance to the much smaller paperback collections of his columns previously published but long out of print. (Some secondhand copies of which he notes are still available on Amazon and elsewhere at prices ranging up to $40!). The eBook version is vastly expanded and contains dozens of his photographs, none of which appeared in the earlier works.

       He should also mention that you do not have to have a Kindle device to read this eBook online. You can read it on any number of devices including your phone or your laptop just by downloading a free Kindle app which takes only a couple of minutes to do

       Uncle Jack hopes you will want to buy his new book and help it “go viral” as they say on the internet. It is probably his last chance to reach his lifetime goal of becoming rich and famous like Lady Gaga.

posted by Uncle Jack at 9:18 AM

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After retiring in 2005 after 35 years as owner/operator of Yellowhouse Gallery and Annex on the Beach Road in Nags Head, Uncle Jack, accompanied by Mrs. Uncle Jack (a.k.a. Susan), commenced to travel extensively. This blog is a chronicle of their ramblings around the U.S. (in their redoubtable Mini Cooper convertible) as well as visits to England, Ireland, France, Italy, and Malta, interspersed with lengthy stays in South Nags Head and Baltimore between trips. He took a lot of pictures along the way, many of which are posted along with each blog entry.
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