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Saturday, August 30, 2008
Windjammer Weekend, Saturday August 30, 2008

     Camden's 14th annual Windjammer Weekend got off to a great start yesterday under a sunny sky and pleasant temperatures that lasted until after the fireworks at 9 p.m.  Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. watched the colorful parade of visiting  'jammers into the harbor from their deck in the afternoon and started the day with a visit to the USS Whidbey Island, LSD 41, at 10 a.m. 

     As a former naval person Uncle Jack was particularly interested in observing how dramatically the U.S. Navy has changed in the past half-century.  In 1952 his destroyer had no female crew members and only a very few African-Americans, all but one of whom were "stewards"---officers' servants---the only rating open to them until President Truman started to eliminate some of the most egregious forms of segregation in the military a couple of years earlier.

       Not so the Whidbey Island whose crew is about 25% female and is about as racially and ethnically diverse an organization as can be found anywhere in American society.  This was a heartwarming discovery for an old leftist, pinko liberal like Uncle Jack even though he deplores the size and wastefulness of our military establishment.

     Anyway he certainly got his quota of aerobic exercise yesterday in climbing the many ramps and stairways (oops, ladders) from the well deck to the bridge. The pictures tell the tale.

     More about 'jammer weekend tomorrow.


click for larger image
The enormous well deck, so-called because it can be flooded to let its cargo of amphibious assault boats out the back door.

click for larger image
This enormous crane lifts assault boats and lowers them into the well deck.

click for larger image
Looking down at the bow from the bridge. How Uncle Jack got up here without having a heart attack is a mystery. That's a rocket launcher on the left, full of anti-missile missiles.

click for larger image
An LSD is only lightly armed. This is one of several .38 caliber guns that could be used to fend off pirates or terrorists in small boats.

click for larger image
One of the visiting windjammers heading for the inner harbor. The two smaller boats in the foreground are the Whidbey Island's security guard, ready to pounce if "Angelique" tries anything funny.

click for larger image
"Victory Chimes", the only three-masted schooner, enters the harbor. Uncle Jack made a video of her docking (she has no engine) that you can see on YouTube by typing in "Victory Chimes Camden". It's interesting.

click for larger image
"Heritage" is perhaps the prettiest of all the visiting windjammers. She arrived with bagpipes blaring and flags flying. See the YouTube video by typing "Heritage windjammer Camden" in the search bar.

click for larger image
"Pied Piper" carries civilians and sailors back and forth from the Whidbey Island. Busy busy busy.

posted by Uncle Jack at 9:44 AM

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Thursday, August 28, 2008
Perfect Day in Camden, Thursday August 28, 2008

     Mother Nature is apparently trying to make amends for her bad behavior earlier in the month by sending mid-coast Maine some of the prettiest weather imaginable this week.  Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. took advantage of her largesse by hitting the glassy water of Camden harbor early this morning and rowing out to Curtis Island in Mini Too.

     Mighty preparations are underway for Windjammer Weekend which commences tomorrow with a parade of 21 of the area's "tall ships" into the harbor.  Weather permitting Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J.  plan to return to Curtis Island whence they will be able to photograph the 'jammers before they lower their magnificent sails.  Pictures at 11.

click for larger image
Sunrise Thursday morning, 6 a.m. The dawn of a spectacularly lovely day.

click for larger image
Sky doesn't get any bluer than this. That's the Congregational Church steeple whence the sound of bells emanates every hour on the hour, all day every day. You have to love the sound of church bells to live in downtown Camden.

click for larger image
A small cruise ship visited Camden this morning but stayed only a few hours for some reason.

click for larger image
The USS Whidbey Island, LSD 41, is this year's visiting warship for Windjammer Weekend. It is anchored just off Curtis Island and will host tours for the next three days. Google it for more information about the ship. Impressive website.

click for larger image
This barge is loaded with fireworks for tomorrow night's celebration.

click for larger image
Appledore spreads her wings with the day's first load of passengers for a two-hour sail into Penobscot Bay.

click for larger image
The skipper of the LSD might be a little nervous about the proximity of the fireworks barge.

click for larger image
Camden harbor is still crowded with boats. It will begin to thin out after this weekend.

click for larger image
The crew of "Carmella" can watch themselves work, lucky dogs.

click for larger image
This gorgeous Hinckley 70 named "Blue Muse" arrived last evening. Jim Quinn will appreciate this photo.

posted by Uncle Jack at 5:59 PM

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Sunrise in Camden, Wednesday August 27, 2008

It's still August in mid-coast Maine but it already feels more like late October.  Halloween decorations have begun to appear in the local stores and they don't seem a bit premature.  Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. went for a long walk yesterday and often found themselves shuffling through piles of fallen leaves. He is not complaining though.  The fall air is most refreshing after those torrid days last week when the temperature soared into the low 80's.

Living up here on the rockbound coast of Maine for the past several months Uncle Jack has not given a lot of thought to the subject of beach erosion. It's not exactly a hot topic around here where erosion tends to be measured in centimeters per century.  This is why he was surprised to read this article in today's Outer Banks Sentinel:

Nags Head board given beach nourishment update
Nags Head Board of Commissioners, at its meeting on Aug. 20, were provided an update on beach nourishment permit issues from Coastal Science Engineering (CSE) President Timothy Kana. The presentation focused on explaining where the time and money has been going.

During the meeting on Aug. 6, the board was asked to extend the contract with CSE, however, with very few updates, there was uncertainty about the extension.

Questions arose regarding the $467,000 that had been spent and the lack of progress seen.

Kana laid out the picture for the board.

For the approximate 4 million cubic yards of beach nourishment, Kana is estimating the cost to be $35 million. "Of course, we don't know what the final bids with be. We'll have to work with the budget that we're given and adjust the scale to fit the budget," said Kana, acknowledging that the final budget decision lies within the board.

Referring to numerous binders full of reports, Kana said that CSE has provided all necessary documents to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Division of Marine Fisheries, and the State Clearinghouse.

"We are still waiting for the National Marine Fisheries Service biological opinion on the Nags Head project," said Kana.


However, the Biological Opinion (BO) from the USFWS has been received, and Kana said he was "pleased with the outcome." The opinion concluded that the beach nourishment project is not likely to jeopardize the turtles nor their habitat.

Mayor Renee Cahoon requested CSE provide a monthly update on the permitting process. "We like to be kept in the loop and get updates as to where we are in the project."

Kana agreed and assured the board that any information would be relayed between the parties.

Uncle Jack doesn't know where he got the idea that the Nags Head beach renourishment proposal was a dead issue after last year's referendum but it appears he was wrong. The chimera of beach replenishment seems to have an infinite capacity to suck money from the public treasury.  Anyway it's nice to know that the turtles are less threatened than the taxpayers.

click for larger image
Sunrise over Camden harbor, 6 a.m. Wednesday.

click for larger image
You never know what you're going to see when you go for a stroll in Camden. This antique fire engine is probably one of the 70 vehicles MBNA founder Charles Cawley keeps in his garage nearby.

click for larger image
Topiary sentinels keep watch at the entrance to a Bayview Street mansion.

click for larger image
Most of the flower gardens along Chestnut street are still thriving.

click for larger image
No doubt there is a story behind this sign but Uncle Jack doesn't know what it is.

click for larger image
The harbor was particularly photogenic just before sunset last evening.

click for larger image
There is something ethereal about the light at that time of day.

posted by Uncle Jack at 7:58 AM

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Boats and more boats, Tuesday August 26, 2008

     Camden harbor is heating up as Windjammer Weekend approaches.  So many interesting boats arrived yesterday that Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. were inspired to row around the harbor in Mini Too and check them out in spite of the somewhat less than perfect rowing conditions.

     The super-yacht "Tenacious" muscled her way into the Wayfarer Marine company's dock after several days at anchor in the outer harbor.  She makes everything else in the harbor at the present time look a bit puny.

    By far the most interesting boat, though, is "Glooscap II" of St. John, Nova Scotia whose owner, a yacht broker named Ernest Hamilton, invited them aboard for a look at the comfortable and ingenious interior of the 35-footer he sails singlehandedly.  They had lunch with Mr. Hamilton at the nearby Camden Yacht Club where he entertained them with fascinating stories of his sailing adventures in "Glooscap" over the past 30 years. If you're curious about the derivation of "Glooscap" Google tells all. 

click for larger image
Sunrise Tuesday morning.

click for larger image
"Glooscap II" is a gem of a boat. She would stand out in any harbor. That's the Camden Yacht Club in the background. (Don't worry, Uncle Jack is not about to turn into a Republican).

click for larger image
"Tenacious" is exactly the kind of boat you would expect a Type-A, overcompensated Wall Street titan to charter.

click for larger image
"El Encanto", believe it or not, is a sport fishing boat complete with fighting chair and a plethora of rods and reels in the stern. Buddy Davis never built anything like this.

click for larger image
"Bonnie Lynn" passed by while we were eating lunch. She's worth a google because she ain't what she seems to be.

click for larger image
This tree out in back of the Wayfarer storage yard caught our eye with its red berries. Anybody know what it is?

click for larger image
Here's a close-up of the berries.

click for larger image
"Golden Boy II" loomed over Mini Too and her cohort of dinghys for almost a week before she departed this morning. She is about 120 feet long so her docking fees must have been outrageous.

posted by Uncle Jack at 10:10 AM

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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Sunrise (yes!) in Camden, Sunday August 24, 2008

     Uncle Jack and daughter Emily spent a few hours in Portland on Friday visiting several of the cultural shrines of that fair city.  (Her return flight to San Francisco departed at 5:30 a.m. Saturday so it was necessary to spend Friday night in close proximity to Portland International Airport).   

     First stop on the cultural tour was a brewpub of some renown called Gritty McDuff's where they washed the dust of travel from their palates with pints of Gritty's Pale Ale while lunching on lamb burgers and Gritty's signature french fries which are rather weird looking but tasty. Gritty's was the first brewpub in Portland and has spawned a host of imitators but it remains extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.

     After a leisurely wander through the excellent Portland Art Museum (followed by a much needed nap) they returned to the waterfront for dinner at another iconic watering hole called Bull Feeney's, a warren of well worn rooms which greatly resembles a genuine Irish pub.  The veneer of authenticity ends, however, at the Guinness beer tap where the lovely dark brew emerges from the cellar ice cold, just like the Bud and the Miller Lite.  This apostasy is almost enough to turn Uncle Jack away from Bull Feeney's forever but the excellence of their fish and chips brings him back every time.

      He dropped Emily at the airport in the dark at 4 a.m. Saturday and drove the Mini back to Camden, arriving just at sunrise, a picture of which may be seen below.  Emily's flight to San Francisco was uneventful and she arrived home in Concord, California safely where she now awaits the arrival of her luggage which should be along any day now.

      Meanwhile back in the harbor there has been much movement of boats of all kinds, some of which is pictured below.  Uncle Jack made a short video of his favorite yacht,  the 1914 William Fife ketch "Sumurun" as it returned from an outing in Penobscot Bay yesterday afternoon.  To see it go to YouTube and type in "Sumurun enters Camden harbor".

click for larger image
Saturday morning sunrise over Camden harbor at 6 a.m.

click for larger image
Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. This is the third consecutive visible sunrise this week which makes it something of a miracle in this month of relentless fog, rain and drizzle.

click for larger image
"Valkyrie" departed yesterday. She is probably the biggest sportfishing boat on the planet. Google her for further information. Unbelievable.

click for larger image
"Nina Lu" also departed yesterday. She's about the same size as "Valkyrie" but rigged more for sipping cocktails than fighting big tuna.

click for larger image
"Lucky Me" is aptly named. Probably belongs to a hedge fund operator who got a big bonus before the bottom fell out of the market.

click for larger image
"Sumurun" at rest. For Sumurun in motion go to YouTube and type in "Sumurun enters Camden harbor".

posted by Uncle Jack at 9:01 AM

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Friday, August 22, 2008
California in Camden, Friday August 22, 2008

     Uncle Jack's daughter Emily from sunny California has proved to be the scourge of bad weather in Camden.  She arrived on Monday and the sun has been shining brightly ever since.  This resulted in much rowing about in Mini Too and lots of pictures, some of which are displayed below.

    Yachtwise the highlight of the week was a visit from "The Highlander",  formerly owned by the Forbes family of publishing and flat-tax fame.  This "Highlander" was the fourth of that name but it has been supplanted by a far larger boat and sold to another owner whose name Uncle Jack does not know.  She is now registered in Willemstad in Holland so the new owner may be Dutch.

     Emily and Uncle Jack are off to Portland today where her plane leaves at 6 a.m. tomorrow for the flight back to San Francisco.  Let us pray she won't take the pretty weather back with her.

click for larger image
Sunrise over Camden harbor this morning. It's going to be a scorcher---the high may reach 80.

click for larger image
The Highlander takes up a lot of space at the Wayfarer dock. She stayed for two days.

click for larger image
Last year the Forbes's much more grandiose new yacht, The Highlander No. 5, paid a visit to Camden and it may yet do so this summer.

click for larger image
Uncle Jack and Emily rowed out to Curtis Island whence they watched lots of windjammer activity out in Penobscot Bay.

click for larger image
"Angelique", returning from a five-day cruise, struck her colorful sails while we watched. She made the rest of the trip under power.

click for larger image
Wild roses are still in bloom on Curtis Island.

click for larger image
Emily demonstrated her Viking DNA by rowing us back to Camden against a stiff wind that had sprung up.

click for larger image
"Sumurun", the elegant 1915 William Fife-designed ketch is back in town. It's the most beautiful boat in the harbor no matter where it docks.

click for larger image
The super-yacht "Titan" departed yesterday after several days at the Wayfarer dock. She is registered in Bikini in the Marshall Islands, a favorite tax shelter among super-yacht owners. Presumably something trickles down to the Bikinians.

click for larger image
A huge stinkpot named "Misty" moved in when The Highlander departed. There are so many big yachts named "Misty" that Uncle Jack was not able to track this one down via Google.

posted by Uncle Jack at 6:56 AM

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Sandrine and Friends, Tuesday August 19, 2008

     Uncle Jack drove to Fitchburg, Massachusetts on Sunday (four hours down I-95) to visit his new great-granddaughter Adeline Marie Van Hazinga who is now all of two months old.  (see pictures below).  On Monday he returned to Camden with Adeline's grandmother in tow (who happens to be Uncle Jack's only begotten daughter, Emily Randall, of Concord, California).

    This morning he and Emily hopped into Mini Too and rowed out to take a look at all the spectacular yachts that have wound up in Camden harbor simultaneously this week.  They had a lovely trip out to the outer harbor to check out the super-yacht "Kaleen" but were drenched when the clouds moved in on the way home.  Now the sky has cleared again and the weatherman promises three consecutive days of rowing weather.  Stay tuned. 

click for larger image
Adeline and grandma Emily.

click for larger image
Adeline and proud papa, Andy, Uncle Jack's grandson. (post burping)

click for larger image
Four generations in one small picture.

click for larger image
Sandrine is 120 feet long and brand new in 2008. Built in Taiwan. Google it to see some fantastic YouTube videos of it being launched.

click for larger image
Kaleen could be Sandrine's twin sister. Google "yacht Kaleen" for interior pictures and info.

click for larger image
Silver Moon departed while we were rowing out to see Kaleen. She is also l20 feet long but couldn't swamp Mini Too with her wake.

click for larger image
Grandma Emily in full rowing regalia.

posted by Uncle Jack at 5:15 PM

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Sunday, August 17, 2008
Hope Jazz Festival, Sunday August 17, 2008

      The organizers of the second annual Hope Jazz Festival were the recipients of the second annual Hope weather miracle yesterday.  A dismal, rainy morning metamorphosed into a glorious sunny afternoon just as it did last year and the show went on.  Once again the wretched morning weather held the crowd down but the several hundred who showed up were treated to some great jazz---along with some that wasn't so great but still enjoyable.  Hope is not New Orleans but then again nobody expects it to be.

     The headliner was a world-class guitar player named John Jorgenson who channels the spirit of the great gypsy jazzman Django Reinhardt in uncanny fashion.  Uncle Jack is ashamed to say he had never heard of Jorgenson before yesterday but he is now a rabid fan.  If you ever get a chance to hear him play don't miss it.

    And now Uncle Jack is off to Fitchburg, Mass. in the Mini to see his great-granddaughter Adeline, age two months, for the first time.  Pictures at 11.

click for larger image
Clouds over Mt. Battie did not augur well for the second annual Hope4Jazz Festival yesterday morning.

click for larger image
Reedman Paavo Carey and his Latin band opened the afternoon's festivities. Paavo? Latin? Only in Maine.

click for larger image
Clarinetist Brad Terry is also an accomplished jazz whistler. You have to hear him to believe it. Uncle Jack made a video and will try to get his permission to put it on YouTube.

click for larger image
During the break most of the audience went in search of cool drinks to combat the scorching sun that appeared out of nowhere around noon.

click for larger image
By 7 p.m. it was so cold the John Jorgenson band had to move into the library in the Hope town hall. Jorgenson and his five-piece band were fantastic.

click for larger image
"Spirit of Zopilote" left the harbor in the rain yesterday morning. For the fascinating story of this boat and its owners click on the link below the pictures. Bruce Kessler, the owner, is a former Hollywood movie director.

link: http://www.trawlersandtrawlering.com/circumnavigators/brucekessler.html

posted by Uncle Jack at 6:36 AM

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Saturday, August 16, 2008
Rowing to "Islandia", Saturday August 16, 2008

     A spectacular yacht has been anchored in Camden's outer harbor for the past week, its nameplate just out of reach of Uncle Jack's binoculars.  He has been hoping for a chance to row out in Mini Too and check it out and yesterday he got his chance. 

      She turned out to be "Islandia", 130 feet of elegant steel, aluminum, wood and carbon fiber built in Holland by the Jongert shipyard in 2002.  Click on the link below the pictures for further information about this fabulous boat which is apparently privately owned and not available for charter.  

       Yesterday was a glorious day weatherwise---the best day of the month so far---and tomorrow is predicted to be another.  Unfortunately the same is not true of today---Saturday---which must be giving the organizers of the second annual Hope Jazz Festival a bad case of the blues.  The sky is completely overcast and heavy rain looks imminent which will discourage many potential customers from making the ten-mile trek out to Hope.  Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. bought their tickets in advance but it's beginning to look like that wasn't such a good idea. 

click for larger image
Approaching "Islandia" by rowboat.

click for larger image
Islandia from the rear.

click for larger image
Happy crew members wave greetings.

click for larger image
Front view.

click for larger image
The starboard side.

click for larger image
Heading home. A gorgeous day for a row.

link: http://www.nautica.it/superyacht/485/jongert/40eng.htm

posted by Uncle Jack at 8:40 AM

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Thursday, August 14, 2008
"Sea Tabby" comes calling, Thursday August 14, 2008
      The arrival of a "Trumpy" in Camden harbor always makes Uncle Jack's heart go pitter pat.  Last week it was the lovely "Litchfield Lady" from South Carolina and today it is the even more spectacular "Sea Tabby", a 1938 Trumpy yacht that has been meticulously restored by its current owner.  For more pictures of this truly remarkable boat (and more information about its builder) just click on the link below the pictures.

click for larger image
Six people can be accommodated in this 1938 gem for only $12,000 per week including the crew.

click for larger image
Her home port is Wilmington, Delaware and she is 61 feet long.

click for larger image
The fantail salon looks very inviting with its wicker furniture.

click for larger image
The wheelhouse is all polished wood. Very handsome.

click for larger image
Meanwhile back at the town dock "Golden Boy II" is still taking up space. Lots of space.

link: http://www.boaterslife.com/mathis-trumpy-sea-tabby-charter.386.148.278.htm

posted by Uncle Jack at 6:18 PM

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Lazy days in Camden, Wednesday August 13, 2008

         Just checking in to let everybody know that all is well in Camden.  Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. have been enjoying a visit from some old friends for the past few days, hence the lacunae in the weblog department.

         Excitement has been limited to a few more arrivals and departures of snazzy sailboats and motor yachts but the weather has not been conducive to outdoor activities which has resulted in a paucity of pictures.  So call this one a filler.

         For those who have been waiting with 'bated breath to know if Walgreens got their requested zoning change in Rockland the answer is yes.  The planning board was agin it, the mayor was agin it and a large and vocal part of the population was agin it but for whatever reason three members of the town council voted for it so Walgreens wins. Small town politics is a wonder to behold no matter where it plays out .

     Next time:  Complete coverage of the second annual Hope Jazz Festival which is coming up on Saturday. It nearly got blown away last year but the promoters are back again and hoping for better weather.

click for larger image
Zula of Virginia Beach turned up at the Wayfarer dock a couple of days ago.

click for larger image
Zula is quite an elegant boat. For a photo gallery of pictures taken by the captain en route to Camden click on the link below the pictures.

click for larger image
Mach Buster is famous in yacht-racing circles. She has been tied up at Wayfarer for the past couple of days.

click for larger image
Mach Buster seems to be moving even when she's tied to the dock.

click for larger image
"Golden Boy II" is the biggest thing in the harbor at the moment. To learn much more about this big boytoy paste this URL into your search bar http://www.yachtsbhc.com/showyachts/1628/1/

link: http://captainblainesblog.com/?p=313

posted by Uncle Jack at 4:59 PM

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Monday, August 11, 2008
Sunny Camden, Monday August 11, 2008

     That was yesterday.  This morning it's completely overcast and cold again with more rain almost a certainty. Uncle Jack did manage to get Mini Too bailed out yesterday but he will have to put off rowing for another day.

     The parade of super-yachts continued over the weekend with some exceptional beauties included among the over-wrought fiberglass stinkpots. "Litchfield Lady" (see picture below) is a throwback to a more gracious era and is worth googling to check out some of the websites featuring her.

     The Rockland city council votes today on a rezoning request from Walgreens that would enable them to build a big-box store at a busy intersection.  Everybody in Rockland including the planning board is opposed so interest is high in what the council will do.  Have they been paid off with promises of free aspirin for life?  Stay tuned.


click for larger image
"Aliya" is probably the most impressive motor yacht to visit Camden so far this summer. She is privately owned and not available for charter so information about her is hard to come by. She is 93 feet long and exquisite in every detail.

click for larger image
"Aliya" departs in the fog Sunday morning. The captain must have been very nervous about now.

click for larger image
From the sublime to the ridiculous. The party boat "Monhegan" from Rockland made a pass through the harbor Saturday evening full of happy inebriates whooping it up.

click for larger image
"Litchfield Lady" is a 50 year old "fantail Trumpy" from Pawley's Island, S.C. She carries four passengers in old-time elegance for a mere $12,000 per week with a crew of two thrown in.

click for larger image
The windjammer "Grace Bailey" was commandeered on Sunday by a wedding party. They were serenaded by a bagpipe player in full regalia as they passed Uncle Jack's deck.

click for larger image
Uncle Jack went to Portland on Saturday to retrieve Mrs. U.J. Needless to say the traffic on Route 1 was heavy, especially through the bottleneck at Wiscasset where movement slowed to 5 mph.

click for larger image
Readers who are familiar with Wiscasset will be glad to know that Red's Eats is still thriving.

posted by Uncle Jack at 9:29 AM

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Friday, August 8, 2008
Global what, Mr. Gore? Friday, August 8, 2008

     Uncle Jack is somewhat flummoxed this morning by the fact that he had to turn on the heat in his apartment when he got up.  At 6 a.m. the outside temperature was 53 and the weatherman was predicting a high of 61 for the day which was also yesterday's high. 

      He comes to Maine in the summer to avoid the beastly heat and humidity of the Outer Banks but this is ridiculous.  He actually finds himself feeling sympathy for the fatcats who own all those sumptuous yachts out in the harbor because it can't be much fun to sit hunkered down next to a dock in the cold and rain when you would rather be out cavorting in Penobscot Bay. Especially when it's costing you $50,000 a week or more to rent that sucker. (There is not an ounce of schadenfreude in Uncle Jack's depleted body).

    He keeps saying "This can't last forever" but the weatherman seems to keep saying "why not?"  Lucky for Uncle Jack he has a front-row seat overlooking the endlessly entertaining pageant that is Camden harbor in the summertime---no matter what the weather.   

     Sooner or later the sun will shine again and he will be able to take bucket in hand and bail out Mini Too (if she hasn't sunk by now) and all will be right with the world.  Sooner would be nice.

click for larger image
Cipango had bragging rights for a while at 98 feet. She didn't stay long.

click for larger image
Which is probably a good thing because Namoh returned and would have dwarfed her. Mine really is bigger than yours---see?

click for larger image
Stinkpot parade. Uncle Jack really wasn't able to keep track of them all during the recent unpleasantness.

click for larger image
Lovely "Melinka", named for an island off Patagonia, belongs to a Chilean businessman who seldom charters her but when he does it's $24,000 per week for up to 6 guests. Only real sailors need apply.

click for larger image
"Make jazz, not war". Good idea. The Hope Jazz Festival is coming up a week from tomorrow, weather permitting or not.

posted by Uncle Jack at 12:50 PM

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Thursday, August 7, 2008
Is it over? Thursday, August 7, 2008

     For seven days the Genghis Khan of intestinal bugs has been marching his army through Uncle Jack's innards,  looting, pillaging and robbing him not only of his waste products but his dignity, his strength and his joie de vivre. Unless Genghis is merely taking a breather it appears this morning like the battle may be over.  Either he has grown bored or he is tired of skirmishing with Uncle Jack's elite fighting groups (Imodium, Gatorade, Progresso Chicken Noodle soup) and has decided to move on.  Either way Uncle Jack feels pretty good this morning and has the energy to sit up in front of his laptop for a while.

     He has lost seven pounds through this ordeal which made him think that he could market it as "Uncle Jack's Quick Weight Loss Method" and salvage something out of the dreadful experience. As he grew more rational he realized that it would be difficult to find potential customers desperate enough and dumb enough to fall for it even though many equally wacky weight-loss programs have made their promoters rich.

     While Uncle Jack has been slithering back and forth from bedroom to bathroom for the past week, clutching his toxic entrails, life has gone on as usual in the harbor.  Big stinkpots and sailboats of all kinds have come and gone through the rain and fog and he did manage to get pictures of a few of them.  Without a doubt this has been the worst week of the summer weatherwise and it continues unabated this morning.

     Anyway he is back, for better or worse, and he does want to thank everybody who kept clicking in vain through his long ordeal and especially to those who offered their sympathy and suggested remedies.  Obviously he is not the only one who has been similarly stricken and judging from the size and breadth of the Imodium display at the Rite-Aid he won't be the last.   

      And now he is off to the Deli to treat himself to a plate of blueberry pancakes.

click for larger image
Seafarer ruled the roost for a couple of days. Not the biggest but pretty impressive.

click for larger image
"Tenacious" leaving after her second visit. She has only one mast but what a mast. Uncle Jack couldn't get the whole thing in the picture.

click for larger image
There was a pretty "reverse" sunset earlier in the week. Just one, though. Not a good week for outdoor photographers.

click for larger image
Andrea V gave the tourists something to ogle at the town docks for a couple of days. This was taken during one of the few brief periods of sunshine.

click for larger image
At 111 feet "Resilience" is one of the biggest stinkpots to turn up in the harbor so far this summer.

click for larger image
Then along came Mary Alice II at 130 feet to snatch bragging rights. She sleeps ten plus a crew of six for $80,000 a week plus expenses. A rare bargain.

click for larger image
Dragonfly is the name of the maker, not the boat. Refreshing to see a pretty sailboat after all those floating hotels.

posted by Uncle Jack at 8:26 AM

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Friday, August 1, 2008
Black Friday, August 1, 2008
    Uncle Jack has had lots of houseguests this week,  hence the absence of weblog entries.  The first group were old friends that he was delighted to see.  As soon as they left, though, a horde of uninvited parasites moved into his intestines and have been using him as a bed and breakfast for two days now.  At the rate he is recovering it looks like he won't be back with a real blog until Monday morning.  Thanks and apologies to all who have been clicking away to no avail for the past several days.  He will try to do better next week.

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After retiring in 2005 after 35 years as owner/operator of Yellowhouse Gallery and Annex on the Beach Road in Nags Head, Uncle Jack, accompanied by Mrs. Uncle Jack (a.k.a. Susan), commenced to travel extensively. This blog is a chronicle of their ramblings around the U.S. (in their redoubtable Mini Cooper convertible) as well as visits to England, Ireland, France, Italy, and Malta, interspersed with lengthy stays in South Nags Head and Baltimore between trips. He took a lot of pictures along the way, many of which are posted along with each blog entry.
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