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There were 4 young women, in their early 20's, sunning on the beach. The water was cold and there was a strong rip current. Two of the women went into the water and needed help. I went to get you. It was hard to get back in and I cramped up a bit and was pretty spent by the time we were back on shore. We did a group hug, and you grabbed my hand and held on for the next week. Alas, we never did see each other again. You did, months later, send me a letter with an explanation. Now, I want to talk and see how you are. Back then, we could not be friends after you left the Outer Banks. But, it is many years later, and I am asking any of the 4 of you to write, and if I have to, I am calling in the favor:):) This is one of those things where we must talk before we can't.

Contact: David
Phone: 53038684xx
Email: Click here to email
Posted: 5/18/2020
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