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41001 Highway 12
Avon, NC 27915


With its excellent fishing, one of a kind surf and breath-taking scenery, the Avon Pier remains one of Cape Haterras' most frequented locations. Each year, hundreds of families come to the pier to fish, golf or simply to enjoy the beautiful sights.

This year however, besides the fishing, surfing and sights, the newly renovated Avon Pier also features a fully stocked Snack Shop, Gift Shop, Tackle, Bait, Rod and Reel Combos and Rentals to suit all your fishing needs.

Never been fishing before? Our experienced staff will be more than glad to help you out and get your started.

Not fishing today? The Avon Pier also boasts a one of a kind 18 hole natural grass Golf Course and the famous Dirty Dick's Restaurant.

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Rating: Avon Pier was a nice way to spend an evening. 6/26/2013
Reviewer: rl2629

We took our party of 9 to the pier to walk out on and had a good time. The kids were a bit freaked out that it caved in the middle and about being that high over water, but I thought it was pretty cool. We took pics, watched people fish and talked to a few along the way. The two guys inside were nice and we enjoyed the conversation with them. We did a bit of shopping and one of the guys that works there took the kids over to the wall with pics of the fish that have been caught there over the years, which they thought was neat. We ended up walking out on the beach after dark loaded with flashlights, buckets and shovels and us adults enjoyed watching the crabs scurry about and the kids chasing them, and the crabs chasing the kids at times. I personally enjoyed watching my husband who sat in the sand trying to catch one, jump up quick when one of the crabs tried to go up his shorts. The kids asked to go back every night after that. No worries, no crabs were harmed during the chase and ones that were caught were immediately released.