Insurance Companies

By: cscape
11/29/2003 11:17 PM

Does anyone have a name of a GOOD Insurance Co. We have Vogeves Insurance Co., and tey sure don't help us at all! When we question about our claim their answer is always "You'll have to ask your adjuster", We thought they were working for us!!!!


Southern Insurance in kdh.

11/30/2003 7:41 AM

By: cscape
11/30/2003 9:31 AM

By: Jen
12/2/2003 5:00 PM

No insurance company works for you, think of them as lawyers!
Last summer my husband, daughter, son and son's friend were hit by a car that ran a stop sign on a state highway. The guy had $30,000.00 coverage. That was suppose to cover medical bills for all 4 (3 were taken by ambulance, my son by helicopter), surgerys, physical therapy,hospital stays, etc. Also cover the car that was totaled, lost wages (hubby ended up losing his job because he wasn't able to work for 6 months). Anyway, we had to hire a lawyer to make an underinsured motorist claim on our own policy. I was furious that we had to hire an attorney to protect ourselves from our own insurance company, they were trying to cheat and nickle and dime us to death. When all was said and done they raised our rates! The day after the accident when I called to report the accident my agent said she saw the coverage in the newspaper and was waiting for me to call but they wouldn't get involved since we were not at fault. Here I was an emotional mess, worried that I could lose my family and she is telling my "Not my problem, you're on your own"


By: cscape
12/2/2003 5:19 PM

Jen, 2 years ago my granson was in an accident, he wasn't driving because he wasn't old enough to drive only 15. The boy who was driving hit a tree and they had ni insurance, my grandson ad to be life flighted, and Thank God he was alright. But because he lived with us it went on our insurance. That's Pa. law... I called the insurace co. and the girl saod "Oh yes that's right your insurance co has to cover it"...called our Atty. and was told the same thing. So if you live in Pa. and your in a car that has No Insurance coverage and you're in an accident you pay!!!!!!!!