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Looking for a certain photo spot

By: obxobsessed
3/28/2018 11:11 PM

Hey everyone, I am coming to the Banks in a few weeks and would love to shoot at the covered bridge that I believe is in Nags head woods. (??) Does anyone know exactly where this is and can explain the best way to get there? If I have to park and walk a little that is ok. I just need to know where to park and then where to go.
If you also have any other hidden gems, I'd love to hear. I have been coming there for over 30 years but just started shooting about 2 years ago. Love finding new beautiful spots to shoot. Thanks for the help!



By: Robert
3/29/2018 12:23 PM

It is in the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Preserve......maybe on private property? See entry in review section of link below as you may have to view bridge from the water, not on foot. Photo below says it is the covered bridge in the KHWCP.....cannot vouch for that.

Here is a better link > Click to follow link...