Black Sea Bass

By: Pickle
1/14/2019 7:54 AM

Well it's a new year and there is some good news for a very limited group of fishermen. However, the good news comes with some consequences. The Mid Atlantic States Fishery Council has recommended to the National Marine Fisheries Service that there be an one month recreational Sea Bass Season in February. This is the area North of Hatteras up through NJ and NY. In the Oregon Inlet area it's good news for those few that recreationally fish for Sea Bass in the Winter. That is a very, very small group. Unfortunately, the consequences of this opening is a delayed opening of the normal Season date of May 15th. Why, Why, Why? Well we are going to pay the price because Headboats (none here) have nothing to fish for in the Winter. Actually,it is a big lobbying effort for the Va, MD, and De. Head and Charter boats. The NJ and NY boats have Cod and Ling (Hake). So we'll pay the price for something that doesn't benefit us. In all my years of specializing in Wreck fishing on the Outer Banks, I don't think we've had more than a handful of requests for Winter Wreck trips. Our Bottom/Wreck fish species are some of the most controlled species by the Federal Government. FYI Blueline Tiles open May 1st (3 per person), Snowy Grouper May 1st (one per boat, per trip) and Black Sea Bass - North of Hatteras normally May 15th (15 per person). Good fishing to you all.

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